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After a full year of distress and confusion in our dealings with Covid-19, the year-end celebrations were a welcome breath of fresh air.

Yet, as the New Year’s celebrations and festivities draw to a close, many of us are left with a cloudy anticipation of what’s to come this year.

Nevertheless, a negative mindset will do nothing to improve our prospects. Instead of lamenting the end of the holiday season, why not take this opportunity to hit the life reset button and take full control of your day-to-day activities.

To that end, here are three tips to help you stop drinking and sober up after the holidays, so you can head into the new year with confidence and determination.

Organize your work and leisure spaces

No one likes to ply their trade in a dusty, cluttered space. If you spend most of your day in a room, that should be a good environment.

Nothing beats a good, clean and aesthetic workspace. Liven it up with color – line your workspace with items that interest you, whether it’s something related to your hobby or simple decorations.


A few potted plants or cacti can make a huge difference in adding a touch of greenery to a dull backdrop. You might also consider putting up posters or frames to look at while waiting for your next Zoom call.

BenQ GW2485TC Where GW2785TC monitor would also make a nice addition to your space. These monitors are sleek jet black and sport a clean, crisp look that easily complements any desk.

Besides the indirect increase in productivity of a conducive environment, these BenQ monitors also feature hardware that can directly improve your efficiency. The all-in-one look of their built-in noise-canceling microphones and dual 2W speakers with voice mode ensure smooth online meetings where clarity is essential.

Not only do the GW2485TC and GW2785TC support USB-C, but they also allow you to daisy-chain monitors (provided your other monitors also support multi-stream transport).

With all of these features packed into a single monitor, you can finally welcome 2022 with a clean desktop.

Gradually introduce healthy habits


No, I don’t mean “more exercise” in your list of New Year’s resolutions. Yes, exercise is a good way to stay healthy, but we all know how hard New Year’s resolutions go. go well.

Sometimes changing too many things at once can be overwhelming. Instead of embarking on a complete lifestyle change, slow down and introduce new habits at a steady pace.

An easy and impactful habit to form is to take care of your eyes. With telecommuting likely to remain an integral part of work culture in 2022 and with more time spent in front of a computer screen, eye care is more of an issue than ever.


You’ve probably heard this basic trick many times: rest your eyes at regular intervals to relieve them. However, BenQ has released brand new software for the GW2485TC and GW2785TC monitors — Eye-CareUwhich introduces a new way to help with this, allowing you to preemptively set time reminders and forced breaks.

You won’t have to worry about blue light overexposure either – Eye-CareU can help you establish healthy eye care habits by notifying users of current blue light levels and allowing them to adjust their consumption accordingly.

Apart from these options, the monitors are also capable of detecting ambient light to automatically adjust screen brightness. They’re also flicker-free and come with new Care, E-paper and Coding modes, as well as Low Blue Light Plus mode that filters out blue light while maintaining vivid colors on the screen.

For those who read a lot, you’ll also be pleased to know that both monitors are ergonomically designed and can tilt 90 degrees to view in portrait mode for a more comfortable experience.


While these products are likely to be of great help, healthy habits must begin with initiative and discipline on your part. After all, consistency is key.

Get rid of distractions – focus on one thing at a time

Many may find that WFH offers too many distractions, from the bed you reluctantly crawled out of to the Netflix subscription you have for the rest of the month. While every minute spent exploring the furthest corners of your refrigerator may seem insignificant, it quickly adds up and becomes a big waste of time after a day of hoarding.

To really increase your productivity, it would be best to focus on one thing at a time. To do this, it can help if you highlight what you need to do first.

What better way to focus than with a desk lamp to give you a good spotlight on your work. For this, BenQ has Spirita smart LED desk lamp featuring a unique curved design to generate 150% wider lighting coverage than other traditional desk lamps.


Additionally, WiT features auto-dimming by a built-in smart light sensor to automatically detect ambient light as well as flicker-free LEDs, producing stable light output that’s healthier on the eyes.

Plus, focus fatigue for many hours staring at a hole in your computer screen can be alleviated with BenQ’s monitor light. Screen bar. It provides direct illumination to your monitor screen for more precise adjustments and greater eye comfort, as well as automated adjustment via the ambient light sensor on the monitor.


the Screen bar More also comes with a desktop dial to let you manually adjust your ScreenBar’s light settings, further optimizing your work environment.

Stick to a schedule

Many might feel like they’ve had the least amount of control over their lives and decisions over the past two years and expect the same for 2022. However, there’s a constant in the chaos of it all. , if you are looking for it.

If you’re overwhelmed or losing focus with your daily tasks, try using Eye-CareU’s software timer. By limiting use to 15 minutes per five-minute rest interval, you can sink into the groove of the Pomodoro technique. After four work-rest intervals, take a good, long break of about 15-30 minutes to recharge and rejuvenate to complete another set of tasks.


Finally, maintaining productivity in the midst of the pandemic is certainly difficult and can be a frustrating process for many. While it can be hard to put the festivities aside and return to a lifetime of study or work, keep these tips in mind and slow down – you just might find yourself more successful this year in whatever you do. want to do.

This article is brought to you in partnership with BenQ.

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