A 3 minute story by famous motivational speaker Maulana Nooruddin Agha

Syed Nooruddin Hashmi popular on social media as Maulana Nooruddin Agha. He is famous among his audience for his unique humor-driven speeches and short lectures in multiple languages. Which act as a source of motivation for young souls seeking guidance and inspire them to seek the higher purpose of life.

The start of college
Maulana Nooruddin’s journey to becoming a beacon of Noor for millions began with her initial training at home. Having developed a keen interest in learning prestigious literary languages ​​at a tender age, Syed Nooruddin devoted his entire youth to a strictly academic lifestyle.

During his college career, he mastered the art of public speaking in a way that would actually influence people and ultimately inspire positive change in them. And finally, he concluded his formal education with a master’s degree in Islamic sciences from Islamia University.

The transition from theory to practice
The next logical step was to actually use all of this acquired knowledge and expertise for the benefit of other people. Among the multiple options available to him, Nooruddin Agha chose the path of serving his people with his unparalleled oral skills. Starting with physical sermons for locals, Maulana Nooruddin then used the vast potential of digital media at her service.

Harnessing the untapped potential of social media
His unique style filled with humor and sound advice gradually became popular among the masses. In just 2 years after its launch on social networks, its content has already obtained millions of views on Facebook and YouTube.

According to Maulana, he enjoys creating useful content for his audience and his vision is to bring kindness, hope and positivity to more and more lives through digital media platforms.

You can visit his page and watch his content at: https://www.facebook.com/MNooruddinAgha/

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