A lifetime supply of White Castle burgers: Can we get in on the action?

STATEN ISLAND, NY — From time to time, the Advance receives questions about the status of a Staten Islander famous for winning a lifetime supply of White Castle burgers. As we approach the 10th anniversary of Bill Seaquist’s accomplishment – one in 150,000 hits up for grabs – it seemed fitting to bring a mail to the Great Kills Craver Nation fan.

This email is from Derrick: “Hi…I was wondering if there was a way to contact William Seaquist (lifetime winner of White Castle, the legend) so I can request a gift card from him for White Castle. I would certainly understand if [this] is never watched, but that’s… wishful thinking.

Seaquist quickly replied, “Please tell Derrick I haven’t had any cards for years. The tax bill took a huge bite out of my cards. I wish I could have helped him. »

Flashback to August 2012: William Seaquist and his family stood inside the dining room of White Castle in Grant City, posing for the cameras. With a big smile, he held up a framed certificate that read, “Congratulations Craver on Life.” And along with those paparazzi, $12,500 in gift cards — the monetary value White Castle assigned to its lifetime supply of sliders.

Seaquist’s flashes of tongue-in-cheek humor later landed him another gig in the spotlight. In a 38-minute film in 2019, media company Thrillist filmed a documentary about the local celebrity with stops at White Castle and Rab’s Country Lanes, both on Hylan Boulevard. To make the package even more comprehensive, the Craver King was invited to be a guest at Thrillist’s Inaugural Fast Food Awards Ceremony in Manhattan in February 2020. Hosted by comedians Timothy DeLaGhetto and David So, the the first featured appearances from competitive eater Miki Sudo and Seaquist himself.

Seaquist reported at the time ahead of the awards show: “I was sitting in the back with my wife and they made us come and sit in the front. There was only junk food – Arby’s, Burger King…it was great! Oh, my God… you came in, they gave us champagne.

That night, his wife donned a wallet she made from White Castle boxes.

Maureen and William Seaquist, Great Kills, appeared at the Thrillists’ Fast Food Awards.

“I actually met the head chef of White Castle at that dinner and the head of investment relations. They personally invited me to visit their headquarters in Colomubus, Ohio. Maybe they’ll give me other gift cards,” said Seaquist, who confesses a passion for burgers.

This week, Seaquist updated fans on his career in the lights. The retired stockbroker and dedicated member of the Great Kills Knights of Columbus has a new set of chompers.

He explained: “I work hard to maintain my 15 minutes of fame. The dental surgeon and his staff were very amused with me and made me the face of their insert advertisement.

The teeth

Bill Seaquist is the model for a dental implant ad. (Courtesy of Bill Seaquist)

Originally from Staten Island, Pamela Silvestri is the editor and food critic of Advance Food. She can be reached at silvestri@siadvance.com.

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