All Build Mode items from The Sims 4 High School Pack


Build the school of your dreams in The Sims 4 Years High School Bundle.

Since there’s a lot to unpack in The Sims 4 High Schools, we’ve put together this list of all build mode items in this new exclusive. With these latest tools and decorations, you will be able to personalize school, events, your room and many more. Additionally, you can see how to unlock items that aren’t available at the start of the journey.

List of all Build Mode items in The Sims 4 High School Pack

To make sure you know what to expect from the High School Years pack, this list of items will be broken down into each build mode category, including pre-orders and unlockables.

Comfort items

Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite


  • Single wicker bed
  • Single bed with vintage flowers
  • Single storage bed not too sneaky
  • Luxurious “teen” single bed in velvet
  • The pipe dream bed
  • The original Launchpad bed
  • Slightly sneaky double bed
  • Original bouncy house – by Evolution Inc
  • Darling Deco

Living chairs:

  • Chair of several colors
  • Reference seats
  • Waffle Back Chair
  • Beat Seat Pro
  • Disposable hammock
  • Saved by the chair

Dining chairs:

  • Carnival Recovery
  • Trendy chair
  • Son of a Sasquatch
  • School desk chair
  • cheer chair
  • Chair Marcel Modest
  • Starry Eyed Collection Dining Chair

Office chairs:

  • Luxury dinner on the go
  • Multitasking G
  • Spine Reticulator Gaming Chair (Pre-Order Exclusive)

Sofas and loveseats:

  • Perfectly plush sofa
  • Wicker loveseat for two
  • What’s Poppin’ Loveseat

Various :

  • Sparkling bar stool
  • Glamorous versatile pouf


Table in The Sims 4
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

Coffee table:

  • “Drum” beat the coffee table
  • Clear as a crystal coffee table
  • Wood Times coffee table
  • Hollow coffee table

Dining tables:

  • Trend table
  • Formal Dining Table from the Starry Eyed Collection
  • Sparkling bar table
  • The round table
  • Starry Eyed Collection Banquet Table

Accent Tables:

  • Tiered bedside table
  • Vintage Noble Bedside Table
  • Steadfast side table
  • bedside table for the ages

Attach :

  • New Aged Cube Wall Display
  • New Aged Door Wall Display
  • Catch My Thrift Clothing Rack and Shelf
  • Used Floor Shelf
  • Economy high cabinet
  • Saving storage display
  • Pop Trolley
  • A shelf
  • Three stack rack
  • Class shelf
  • Vintage Showcase Chest of Drawers
  • Vintage Decorative Shelf
  • For Star Shelves
  • Class drawers
  • Lux corner cube
  • Former Glory trophy cabinet


  • Like the Good Ol’ Times class office
  • Scholarly School Office
  • Dashing deco desk
  • Vintage Classic Desk
  • The office of everything
  • PR-0 gaming desk
  • Simple but elegant wooden desk

Various :

  • Career days table
  • One-stop savings counter

Activities and skills

Activities and skills
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

Knowledge Objects:

  • high school whiteboard
  • Checkmate Antique Chess Table
  • Gold Foil Chessboard (unlocked by reaching Chess Team Level Three)

Creative objects:

  • A stand with two microphones
  • ThrifTea Bubble Tea Countertop

Active objects:

  • Classic aero football
  • Solo School Spirit Cheer Mat
  • School Spirit Band Cheer Mat
  • All Star Cheer Mat (unlocked by reaching level three Cheerleading Squad)

Outside activities:

  • Science Day Festival Market Stand
  • Sports day festival market stall

Various :

  • high school podium
  • Elite Jamming Tablet
  • photo booth
  • Glamorous photo booth


The Sims 4 decorations
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

Indoor plants:

  • sea ​​of ​​serpents
  • Patio Paradise Planter

Paintings & Posters:

  • neon dreams
  • Plumbite Pier Accessories
  • snack attack
  • Free association collages
  • What’s on the ThrifTea menu
  • ThrifTea Depop Mural
  • Sciences
  • Learn with the stars
  • A poster for all
  • Artistic Assembly
  • Starry Eyed Collection Formal Backdrop
  • Rebel Ivy Trellis – Small/Medium/Large/X-Large
  • Premium Quality Framed Diploma Set
  • Wall Decals


  • Mirror with deep reflections
  • Morning routine mirror
  • Royal reflections

Window coverings:

  • Studious shades
  • Craft blanket
  • Woven Wonder Curtains
  • Even more ruffles and wings
  • Steering Wheels and Wings
  • Pure beauty
  • Chiffon Shades
  • Large beautiful layered curtains
  • Pretty layered curtains
  • Dazzling Designer Drapery


  • Pearl the Monkey ThrifTea
  • Stone school display
  • Flying Frank Womp Womp
  • Jasper Prescott: Founder of Cooperdale
  • High School Football/Cheerleading/Computer Programming/Chess Trophy (unlocked when you reach level 3 of each team)

Carpet :

  • deep thoughts
  • Carpet Hungary
  • Carpet Around
  • Reliable carpet
  • Mosaic of the main academic floor

Wall decorations:

  • High school diploma (with distinction / with valedictorian honors)
  • Soft and tiled
  • Shiny Beacon Boba
  • high school display
  • Cheer/Computer/Football/Chess Team Flag (unlocked when you reach level 2 of each team)


  • Makeup essentials
  • craft cube
  • Study batteries
  • Craft Collection
  • Cheer! Megaphone decoration
  • make-up magic
  • Extensive Study Stacks
  • Copperdale Llama Sports Mascot Figure
  • hobby treasure
  • Pink highlights
  • Say yes to clutter
  • I was a teenage trash artist
  • Chess fighting knight figurine
  • Hobby holders
  • Manuals lightly used
  • Fancy folding basket

Various :

  • Handmade promise sign
  • Bread and Butter Toaster Clock
  • Frank the Mini Womp Womp
  • High school event banner
  • Stylish Solo High School Locker
  • Modern deco photo session in high school
  • Graduation photoshoot
  • Chess photo shoot/cheerleading/computer/football festival
  • High school event entrance banner
  • Backstreet Garment Rack
  • Clothes Rack Anything
  • High school locker
  • Woodland Oasis Room Divider
  • Starry Collection Balloon Arch
  • Stylish trio/quartet of high school lockers
  • Behind the counter necessities
  • Light up the prom voting box
  • Miscellaneous Motley Menagerie
  • Deliberate and delicious display of clothes
  • Lio’s Labyrinth Canopy


Lighting in The Sims 4
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

Table lamps and floor lamps:

  • A faceted shade
  • neon love
  • The small saucer table lamp
  • Lamp of Grandeur

Wall lights:

  • The application’s response
  • RGBright strip lights
  • Tri Hard LED Right/Left Panels (exclusive pre-order)

Ceiling lights:

  • Canopy of Light – Short/Medium/Large
  • Faceted Lotus pendant light
  • Mini gem chandelier
  • Faceted Lotus ceiling lamp
  • Deco the Halls Ceiling lamp
  • Deco the Halls Suspension


Computer in The Sims 4
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite


  • The streamer’s first computer
  • The Big Picture ultrawide computer
  • TONO Gold Programming Laptop (unlocked when you reach level three in Computer Team)
  • Golden Ultrawide Pro Computer (unlocked when you reach level 3 in Video Game Streamer Career)


Devices in The Sims 4
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

Kitchen appliances:

  • Vintage Glamor Drink Fountain
  • Lunch Special Station Cafeteria

Various :

  • Wicker trash can
  • Rin-Tin-Bin
  • Sleek and stinky trash can
  • Snack attack vending machine


Storage in The Sims 4
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite


  • Noble Elemental Library
  • Zig Zag bookcase
  • Tempered stone bookcase
  • Great Academic Library


  • Stylish duds on the cheap
  • Parenting stand-up comedy
  • Large Vintage Wardrobe
  • Wardrobe for the ages
  • “Break a Sweat” hanging clothes set
  • Chill Vibes hanging clothes
  • Art Deco Dream Commode
  • Drawers for my drawers
  • Elegant standing chest of drawers
  • Robot Head Dresser

Other high school items

  • Golden Champion Football (unlocked when you reach football team level three)
  • Groove Tube Wireless Speaker (pre-order exclusive)
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze Timeless Prom Keepsakes (Unlocked at Prom)
  • Blocked for time
  • Modern Event Speaker
  • High school sound speaker

That’s all you need to know about all Build Mode items from The Sims 4 High School Pack. Before you go, you can find out more about this exclusive by checking out our guides on Create a Sim items, extracurricular activities, and how to join a club. You can also check out the relevant links below to see additional content.

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