Blood supply is ‘dangerously low’ – donations need

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – January is National Blood Donor Month. ABC4 and the Utah CW30 are encouraging people to donate blood this month if you can to help replenish what the American Red Cross describes as a “dangerously low” blood supply in Utah.

Did you know that every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood? Or that the winter months make it extremely difficult to collect the amount of blood and platelets needed to supply hospitals?

The American Red Cross celebrates National Blood Donor Month and recognizes the vital contribution of blood and platelet donors, it has been celebrated every January in January for almost 50 years and coincides with one of the most difficult times for maintain an adequate blood supply for patients.

When it comes to donating blood and platelets, the winter season is often fraught with obstacles as blood drives compete with factors such as seasonal illness and inclement weather.

A lack of donations during the winter break prompted the American Red Cross to launch an emergency appeal for blood and platelet donors to donate now to prevent a blood shortage from continuing throughout the year. winter long and does not affect patient care.

The Red Cross collected more than 27,000 fewer blood and platelet donations during Christmas and New Years weeks than needed to maintain an adequate supply of blood, as busy holiday schedules kept many donors away.

During this critical time of year, the Red Cross depends on donors to continue providing these resources to ensure blood products are available in approximately 2,500 hospitals nationwide.

Through the generosity of volunteer blood donors, the American Red Cross helps patients receive the blood and platelets needed to fight disease and injury.

According to the Red Cross, nearly 2.7 million people in the United States volunteer to donate blood and platelets each year. Blood and platelets can be distributed to hospitals through the Red Cross 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Blood transfusions are given to patients in all kinds of circumstances, including serious injuries, surgeries, childbirth, anemia, blood disorders, cancer treatments, and many more.

This constant demand makes National Blood Donor Month an integral piece of the puzzle. Every day, the Red Cross must collect 13,000 pints of blood across the country to meet the needs of patients.

This makes a shortage of blood and platelets during the colder months a critical issue for the Red Cross and the hospitals it serves.

Blood is a perishable product that can only come from generous volunteers. Donating blood takes about an hour from start to finish, but the donation itself only takes 8-10 minutes. Each donation of blood and platelets can save the lives of up to three people. It’s easy to schedule appointments, access your donor card, track donations, earn rewards and more. Download the free Red Cross blood donor app now. Text BLOODAPP to 90999 * to get the app that helps save lives. Or search for Red Cross Blood on the App StoreSM or the Google PlayTM store.

Blood donors can now save time on their next donation by using RapidPass to complete their pre-donation reading and medical history questionnaire online on the day of their donation, before arriving at the blood drive. To get started and learn more, visit and follow the instructions on the site.

• In the first half of 2021, an increase in the number of cases of trauma, organ transplants and elective surgeries requiring blood products depleted the country’s blood stocks. Patients who previously deferred care at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic experienced more advanced disease progression, therefore requiring increased blood transfusions.
• In recent months, the participation rate of blood donors has plummeted as the delta variant reached communities across the country this fall.
• Help can’t wait – the Red Cross must collect 10,000 more blood products each week to overcome current blood supply challenges and meet the needs of patients in hospitals across the country.
• To meet the growing needs of hospital patients, the Red Cross distributed 250,000 more blood products in 2021 than last year, until the delta variant began to spread in August. The pandemic has also led to a decrease in blood drives in schools and colleges, contributing to a 34% drop in the number of new blood donors from a year ago – one of the largest drops in year over year that could threaten essential medical care for patients

Donate blood and be entered to win
The American Red Cross and the NFL team up in January, during National Blood Donor Month, to invite football fans and blood donors to join our rescue team and score big for patients in need .
To thank donors for their help during a time when the Red Cross blood supply is at historically low levels, those who donate January 1-31, 2022 will automatically be entered to win two Super Bowl LVI tickets. in Los Angeles, California. ! The winner and the guest will have the wonderful opportunity to experience the first Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium! Package includes two tickets to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, California, official NFL hatchback admission, Super Bowl Experience tickets, round-trip airfare to Los Angeles, three nights of ‘hotel accommodation (February 11 to 14, 2022), plus a $ 500 gift card for expenses.

FURTHER, the Red Cross thanks you for stepping off the sidelines and rolling up your sleeves to help those in need. Those who donate in January will also automatically be entered to earn the Big Game at Home package to enjoy an awesome viewing experience at home. ** This home theater set includes a smart short throw laser projector; projection screen; sound bar; subwoofer; tech support gift card with installation and a $ 500 electronic gift card to spend on food and fun!

Health emergencies don’t end for vacations, game days or a pandemic. Donors are now needed to help patients make their return this winter. More information online, Click here

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