Blue Ant X4 bluetooth speaker review: price, sound quality, party mode, best bluetooth speaker? Worth it?

Review: Pairing three of Blue Ant’s X4 speakers is as easy as the push of a button.

Plug in the microphone that came with each and you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time with the right group of friends who love karaoke and tell stories.

Blue Ant’s $ 249 50-watt Bluetooth speaker (on sale) comes in five vibrant colors: black, white, blue, pink, and purple. In all respects, it’s the little brother of Blue Ant’s bigger and older X5. reviewed last year.
The X4’s smaller form factor and cheaper price make it a much more attractive option for those looking to buy two or more for parties and travel. (Marc Santomartino)

It features the same colorful light show, many of the same controls, is more portable (and less powerful) thanks to its smaller size, and comes with a wired microphone in the box, instead of two.

As you can imagine, it’s also cheaper; $ 50 off on sale, $ 100 off full price ($ 299 vs. $ 399) without sacrificing too much sound.

100dB is significantly quieter than 110dB at full volume, but the X4’s smaller form factor and cheaper price tag make it a much more appealing option for those looking to buy two or more for parties and events. trips.

At the end of the lockdown, our team got ready to sing Dolly Parton with three X4 speakers that were synced and ready in seconds.

This turned out to be as easy as holding down the party button on the main speaker and then repeating the process on the two remaining “slave” speakers (this is what they are called in the manual. and no one was comfortable with it).

Pairing three of the Blue Ant X4 speakers is as easy as the push of a button. (Marc Santomartino)

Everything is controlled from the main speaker, which helps prevent interference from those who play with other’s buttons or try to hijack the Bluetooth connection.

When three X4s are properly spaced around the room and work together, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Shockingly, you can connect up to 100 of them in party mode – a limit that few or none at all will approach.

Two are enough to appreciate how seamlessly the Bluetooth connection syncs with each other for powerful sound that would take most picnics and family gatherings to another level.

When the lockdown ended, our team got ready to sing Dolly Parton. (Marc Santomartino)

In comparison, the X5 can sync with just one other speaker but has a longer battery life (20 vs. 12 hours) and a somewhat outdated AUX input that the X4 lacks.

At 50 watts, the X4 stands out in terms of audio quality compared to similar and more expensive options and its more compact Australian-designed form factor makes it a much easier option to toss in the trunk of a car when you are driving. go camping or to the beach.

Keep in mind, however, that while the X4 is splash resistant, it will not survive submersion in water.

Bluetooth speakers are a hot item every Christmas, but the bold colors and smaller form factor of the substantial X4 is sure to satisfy.

Parents, beware, kids love to pick up this mic.

Fortunately, you can add and increase the microphone “echo” separately from the music, which enhances (but could not record) our newsroom’s mostly deaf renditions of “9 to 5”.

But, like us, you’ll probably have too much fun to care.

Blue Ant provided with three X4 speakers for the purpose of this review.

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