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One broadcaster, many listeners: Bluetooth goes into broadcast mode

08.06.2022 Reading time: 1 min.

Can music be shared? In a way yes: With Auracast, a single smartphone can play any number of Bluetooth headphones in the area at the same time. (Source: Rolf Vennenberg/dpa/dpa-tmn./dpa)

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930003Berlin (dpa/tmn) – music or information for the masses Being able to broadcast listeners at the same time has many advantages. Think classic broadcast. The Bluetooth Special Group (SIG), responsible for developing the radio standard of the same name, has now materialized its plans for spatially limited audio broadcasts to a theoretically unlimited number of Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The new feature, called Auracast, is expected to be listed in the Bluetooth LE Audio specifications and released in the coming months.

Auracast means: share and listen

when the first smartphones, laptops, televisions or Auracast systems will hit the market is still difficult to estimate. They could then share their audio wirelessly with nearby Auracast-enabled headphones, speakers, or hearing aids.

Anyway, the Bluetooh SIG not only sees the potential in the private sphere for Auracast, but also in the public space. The technology can make what was previously silent audible on headphones, for example: the sound of televisions and screens in stations, squares, airports, in sports halls, restaurants or waiting rooms.

Additionally, audio transmissions or announcements, which previously only worked through speaker systems, can also be received directly with Auracast-enabled Bluetooth headphones or hearing aids. For example at conferences or in the cinema.

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