CANCELED: Austin’s Shinyribs in Down Low Mode for Waco Show | Music

“Having this steel guitar in my life brought me back to my country influences,” he said. “The show has more of my Gourds stuff and it’s a good place for me to try new stuff, play some longtime favorites and some unusual covers – well, even more unusual covers.”

Russell, a champion of crowd-pleasing, hip-swinging, and kicking music, has performed in different setups over time, but changes have been forced by COVID-19 over the past year – last minute cancellations, room capacity restrictions and the like – have made flexibility the watchword for musicians performing live.

A frozen tour schedule during the first months of the pandemic began to thaw last spring, and by May the upbeat band was picking up the pace. Then the vaccinated Russell fell with COVID-19 in July and Shinyribs was once again sidelined.

This fall has brought Russell and his players a more consistent schedule and enthusiastic crowds. The switch to in-ear monitors for Russell and the band members rather than stage speakers also transformed their live show. “We get along so much better,” he said.

A new album is in preparation with producer Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) which will be recorded soon and the concert dates strengthen its spring and summer, to his greatest happiness. “Live music – there is no such thing. You never know what’s going to happen. From night to night the energy changes and there is a collective energy of an audience and the way the band sounds, ”he said.

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