Clubhouse offers musicians a new high-quality audio mode – TechCrunch

Clubhouse added a new “music mode” this week, doubling down on its commitment to center social audio in all of its permutations.

The new music mode will give musicians playing live on the social network their own set of special tools for optimizing sound quality and will arrive first on iOS before upgrading to Android.

Clubhouse didn’t go too far into the audiophile weed with the announcement, but the company said the new feature would allow users to “stream in high-quality, high-quality stereo sound,” prerequisites for a great experience. listen rich. The company says the music mode will also connect professional-level audio equipment such as mixers and microphones to the Clubhouse.

Image credits: Club house

At the end of August, Clubhouse made another investment in audio quality with spatial audio, a feature that gives listeners the impression that different speakers in one of its group audio rooms are speaking from different physical locations. – an effect closer to the way we perceive a real social interaction.

To activate music mode as a speakerphone, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and choose “audio quality”, then select “music”. Clubhouse’s replayable clips will also support higher quality audio in their recordings. Beyond music mode, Clubhouse moves its search bar to the top of the feed, and users can now greet each other via the search bar on iOS.

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