Coastal Art Center now has a blessing box for art supplies –

Coastal Art Center now has a blessing box for art supplies

Visitors who come to the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach are often inspired by the creativity they see around them. Besides the variety of pieces they can find in the 10,000 square foot art gallery, incredible works of art are also produced right in front of them in The Clay Studio and The Hot Shop by resident artists Maya Blume-Cantrell , Kerry Parks and Dan Rush. Those who enter the Art Education Studio will often find students building, painting, or designing projects during their camps and classes. Customers often notice their own desire to be more creative, and staff members encourage them to take a class or do art at home.
This idea of ​​encouraging others to be artistic is part of what sparked an idea in the mind of Amoreena Brewton, the Arts Education Coordinator. Art supplies are often donated by locals and many of these items are great for classroom use, but some are duplicates or things that wouldn’t be used right away with little space to store them. Brewton approached art center director Desiree Blackwell with a proposal for a blessing box that would be full of art supplies. Much like the Small Libraries and Food Blessing Boxes, this box will be stocked by community members and all items are free to take away. The club’s name, The Tiny Gallery, is based on its architecture which matches the main campus building. The slogan is: “Take what you need, leave what you can, above all be inspired. » Children and adults are encouraged to donate and take items.
The Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach is located at 26389 Canal Road and The Tiny Gallery is in front of campus near The Hot Shop. Visit or call 251-981-ARTS (2787) for more information on classes and events. Pictured: Sophia Vicens and Emersyn Green visit the Tiny Gallery while leaving some items for others.

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