Delhi: AAP switches to MCD polling campaign mode

The Aam Aadmi party will launch its MCD campaign on Thursday, with a focus on recruiting members ahead of municipal elections.

Municipal elections in the capital are expected to take place in April next year. The “MCD Badlaav Campaign” will see a special app to download all campaign details. A manager will be appointed in each division, responsible for driving campaign activities, AAP Delhi director Gopal Rai said.

“In view of the MCD elections, we will soon be launching a major membership campaign. In this MCD Badlaav campaign, we will upload the data through a special app to streamline and work efficiently. State Party Organization district teams, observers, chairman and organizing ministers of each assembly were trained at the party office on how to advance the MCD Badlaav campaign ”, a- he declared.

Meetings will be held until December 1 at the Vidhan Sabha level where area officials and MPs will be present. The agenda is to select the responsible constituents who will work alongside the chairpersons of the constituents.

Party offices will be set up in each mandal within a week, Rai said. Outdoor campaigns, with party posters highlighting the issues, will be set up throughout the week. New members will also be added.

“We have at least 8-10 people on each street for the countryside. These people will advance our campaign and its awareness in their respective streets, to ensure good connectivity. New members will be identified to strengthen the organization, ”added Rai.

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