Emerald Azzura was baptized in Venice by a travel agent godmother

Emerald Cruises’ first ocean-going luxury yacht, Emerald Azzurrawas officially named in an intimate ceremony in Venice on May 28, 2022 with a travel agency as godmother.

Could there be a greater endorsement for travel agents than this? Or a more dedicated commitment to wanting to work with commerce?

Azzura’s sponsor, Sarah Wikevand, travel agent and joint managing director of Reader Offers Ltd in the UK, was unable to attend the ceremony., however, Rosie Cairns, Co-Chief Executive of Reader Offers Ltd, represented her that day.

The stunning 100-passenger luxury yacht, which offers lavish suites, a la carte dining and a water sports boat, will cruise around the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, then the Arabian Peninsula in December 2022.

Speaking at the ceremony, Glen Moroney, Founder and Chairman of Scenic Group, said, “Scenic Group is uniquely positioned as the owner of the complete end-to-end process where we design, build and operate our vessels.”

David Winterton, Global Brand and Marketing Director, Emerald Cruises, said: “The team at Reader Deals Ltd are true defenders of the cruise market”.

“As one of Emerald Cruises’ most successful agents, Reader Offers was instrumental in the successful launch of Emerald Cruises’ first ocean-going luxury yacht, Emerald Azzurra.”

“We are truly honored that Sarah has agreed to join a number of global travel industry professionals to serve as Emerald Cruises’ Patron.”

Emerald Cruises apparently regularly asks travel industry professionals who have contributed to their success to sponsor their ships. Maybe you could be next?

Spectacular Montenegro is just one of the breathtaking ports of Emerald Azzurra’s Adriatic Coast itineraries

Emerald Cruises is offering Super Earlybird savings of up to 25% on its 2023 luxury yacht cruise program which includes the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

Emerald Azzurra will be joined by sister yacht Emerald Sakara in 2023.

For more information, visit Emerald Cruises.

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