Fortnite Zero Build is now a permanent game mode

fortniteThe latest season of began by removing the ability for players to build, one of the defining features of the game. While the new game mode has caused some controversy among players, a new blog post from developer Epic Games has revealed that no-build mode is here to stay.

Starting today, Epic Games is adding Zero Build game mode to fortnite, which, as the name suggests, removes the build entirely in exchange for a suite of other tweaks. Players in Zero Build lobbies will have cooldown Overshields, access to Ascenders that immediately lift them into airships, and a mantling. To remind home that this game mode is designed for quick matches, the sprint speed in Zero Build is even increased fortnitedefault mode.

Zero Build also includes all other additions to fortnite included in its final season. Players can smash through doors, install turrets, access two new weapons, and use IO Titan Tank artillery systems.

The permanent addition of the game mode to fortnite shouldn’t be too big of a surprise. Epic Games previously added other limited-time modes to fortniteincluding Team Rumble.

Similarly, it doesn’t appear that removing building mechanics has taken players away from fortnite. Although we can’t see how many players the game has, a donation campaign organized by Epic Games and Xbox has shown how much money the game is making. Three days after the announcement of the campaign, which sends the money earned by the two companies via fortnite entrusted to four humanitarian organizations working in Ukraine, Epic Games announced that a total of 50 million dollars had been raised.

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