Google Assistant gets an incognito-style guest mode – TechCrunch

Google is launching a few new privacy features today, including an updated Security Center, now available in the US and coming soon globally, as well as more important alerts when the company expects your account to have been tampered with.

The most exciting new feature, however, is a new Guest Mode for the Google Assistant on Google-branded devices. Not to be confused with guest access to your Google Chromecast, for example, this new guest mode is more like your browser’s incognito mode. With Guest Mode enabled, which you invoke by saying “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode,” the Assistant will not offer personalized responses and your interactions will not be saved to your account. It will stay on until you turn it off.

Typically, the Google Assistant logs all of your interactions on your account. You can delete them manually or ask Google to delete them automatically after 3, 18, or 36 months. You can also prevent it from saving audio recordings.

This new feature will roll out to speakers and smart displays in the coming weeks.

Speaking of deleting your data, Google also announced today that you will soon be able to edit your location history data in the Google Maps timeline.

Also new: When you now search for “Is my Google account secure” or use a similar query, Google will start showing your security and privacy settings for you. This is actually a useful step forward, given that we have reached a point where these parameters are often difficult to find.

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