Google Home speakers no longer support guest mode

Google’s Cast-enabled devices, including the Chromecast and Google Home smart speaker series, allow users to stream content directly to devices. This can be audio and video content, depending on the device used, and uses Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity to function. As of 2014, there has been a feature called “Guest Mode” which allows visitors to your home to stream to devices without being connected to your Wi-Fi. Now it looks like “Guest Mode” is gone for Google Home devices.

According to a new report from Android Police, “guest mode” for Google Home devices is no longer available. This means that guests and visitors will now need to be connected to your Wi-Fi network in order to stream to Google Home devices.

Previously, “guest mode” allowed visitors to broadcast without connecting to the host’s Wi-Fi network, instead using mobile data to send information that was streamed directly to the Google Home device over the Wi-Fi connection. Domestic fi. This is useful because it means the host does not need to share Wi-Fi details with anyone looking to cast, and only provides a PIN code that the visitor can log in to – a feature which according to us, would be very useful during the holidays, or if you are particularly protective of your Wi-Fi information.

Interestingly, the Android Police report says the feature has only been disabled for Google Home devices. Chromecast devices continue to support “Guest Mode” which can be turned on or off through the Google Home app on the device owner’s smartphone. It doesn’t seem like a particularly big loss, and in fact very few people may have used it on Google Home devices due to the complicated methods involved in using the feature.

If you were using “Guest Mode” on your Google Home device, the workarounds are pretty straightforward. You can share your Wi-Fi information with the visitor and they can connect and stream normally, or use Bluetooth to let visitors connect to your Google Home and play audio the old-fashioned way.

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