Google’s dark mode is also getting darker on Android

Google recently rolled out a change to its dark mode in desktop search, and now the company is rolling out a darker dark mode to its Android app as well.

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As spotted by 9To5Googlethe main Google app has a darker background on Android. It’s not as dark as the look Google rolled out on the desktop, but instead it’s a darker gray that’s almost black.

You will notice the difference mainly in the background, which has become a few shades darker. The search field is also a bit darker than before. However, the gray bar at the bottom of the screen remained unchanged.

Android dark mode darker

While Google is gradually rolling out the darker Dark Mode to desktop, it’s available to everyone via version 13.8 in the beta channel right now. For people who don’t want to test the beta, it will roll out to everyone once 13.8 becomes the version used for the app.

It looks like dark modes are gaining popularity, and making them even darker is all the rage right now. If you like a nice shade of gray or black, Google’s latest changes will be perfect for you.

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