Greensburg businesses grapple with bid prices as inflation rises – WPXI

GREENSBURG, Pa. — The cost of inflation affects just about everyone, from you as a consumer, to vendors supplying materials, and small businesses that get stuck with costs.

Pit Take BBQ in Greensburg says prices are rising from the meat they serve right down to the lids of the containers — these have doubled in price just over the past week.

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Not only do they run the business six days a week, but they also host large catering events, so it has become more difficult to give forecast prices, as they fluctuate so much. They do everything they can to avoid this hitting the customer.

“We see it on every level every week – it’s every other day that we spend a lot more time managing our costs, our suppliers, the prices of things,” owner Michael Diethorn said.

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Pit Take says it’s not just rising prices that are causing difficulties, but also dealing with post-pandemic staffing shortages.

“We are doing everything we can not to increase the prices of things. And we know that’s inevitably going to happen, so we’re trying to maintain a high level of quality, consistency and vibe here,” Diethorn said.

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