Guest mode disappears from Google Nest and Home devices

Google is known to have removed apps, services, and features with little to no warning, and it looks like Guest Mode for Home and Nest devices is the latest casualty.

Android Police recently noticed that the Guest Mode setting, which allows visitors to stream media to your supported Google devices without connecting to your Wi-Fi network, has quietly disappeared from the device’s Settings menu. Google Home app for Home and Nest connected devices.

This is the bad news. The good news: Guest mode still works on Chromecast devices, which means your guests will still be able to stream audio and video to your Chromecast-connected TV without having to share your Wi-Fi password.

Google has yet to make an official announcement on the fate of guest mode on its Home and Nest smart speakers, but it should be noted that the guest mode support pages for Home and Nest devices have disappeared, this which is not a good sign.

google guest mode home app Ben Patterson / IDG

While guest mode is gone for Google Nest and Home speakers and displays, it’s still an option for Chromecast devices.

Now keep in mind that even with the apparent loss of Guest mode for Google’s smart speakers and displays, it is It’s still possible for your visitors to stream their music to your Google Nest and Home devices, even if they will need to be connected to your Wi-Fi network.

If you enable the ‘Let others control your streaming media’ setting in the Google Home app for your Nest and Home speakers, they will appear as casting options on all Chromecast-enabled apps connected to your Wi-Fi network. , including those of your guests. The catch, of course, is that you will have to share your Wi-Fi password.

Guest mode works by activating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons on your Chromecast which can be detected by nearby Chromecast-enabled apps, even when they’re on devices that aren’t connected to your Wi-Fi network.

To pair with a guest’s device, the Chromecast generates a four-digit PIN and pumps it through a series of short, inaudible tones. If your visitor’s device is within range and correctly decodes the audio signal, it will automatically pair with the Chromecast; otherwise, your guest can manually enter the PIN, which appears in the Home app as well as on the Chromecast’s ambient screen.

Initially a Chromecast-only feature, Guest Mode eventually made its way to Home and Nest devices, although (as Android Police notes) it was never available for third-party speakers or Android TV.

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