INSEE Cement signs MoU with HIPG to improve supply chain efficiency – The Island

The Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG) has signed an agreement with INSEE Cement, Sri Lanka’s leading cement manufacturer, to ensure the efficient transfer of raw materials to their factory in Galle, via the port of Hambantota. This will have a positive impact on operational efficiency.

The agreement was signed between Gustavo Navarro, CEO of INSEE Cement and Johnson Liu, CEO of HIPG at a ceremony held at the Hambantota Maritime Center.

HIPG CEO Johnson Liu expressed appreciation for the partnership with INSEE saying it would be of great mutual benefit to both parties. “INSEE Cement was the first customer of the Hambantota International Port (HIP) for dry bulk and we greatly appreciate the trust they place in us. We have been working with them since 2018 and have been able to significantly increase our productivity in the management of dry bulk volumes. Recognizing the value that companies bring to each other, we have decided to strengthen the partnership by entering into an agreement that will continue to create win-win opportunities that will be mutually beneficial.

The CEO added that the port handled a dry bulk volume of over one million metric tonnes in 2021, exceeding the 1 million range for the first time, under a single customer, which was a milestone for the port.

Gustavo Navarro, Managing Director of INSEE Ciment said that working with HIPG has been of great benefit to them. “Due to the limitations we encountered in our previous operations, we were unable to bring in larger vessels with larger volumes. HIP has been a great business partner for us and the port has come up with creative solutions to deliver our raw materials efficiently and on time, which has positively impacted our operations. This not only benefited our business, but also the local economy in terms of dollar savings, as it reduced the freight costs that we would otherwise pay to foreign vessels. “

So Gunawarnasuriya, Director of Purchasing and Logistics at INSEE Cement, further mentioned with HIP that they were able to use larger ships to transport their raw materials due to the heavy draft facilities. harbor water. “HIP’s productivity levels are impressive and the speed of turnaround has helped us achieve economies of scale and increase our production levels, which in turn has increased volumes for the port. This not only benefited INSEE but also our end user.

Lance Zuo, General Sales and Marketing Director of Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG), said: “INSEE has been of great help in the development of the dry bulk segment, they have also set up a control mechanism. dust and efficient implementation ensures that operations are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner. Our subcontractors and operational staff have been tremendously supportive and effective workforce planning such as stevedoring and higher levels of communication between logistics providers and the port have contributed to the success of our operations which benefited INSEE, and we will continue to provide the same high level of service quality, ”he adds.

The agreement with INSEE is a springboard for the port. HIP is rapidly positioning itself as a fully functional multipurpose port with ongoing training and testing of its systems for optimum efficiency, which is part of the DNA of all CMPort operations around the world.

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