Is NBA free agent Dwight Howard serious about a future WWE career?

Although his career isn’t over yet, the veteran already has an idea of ​​what he could be up to when it is and it might surprise you.

Dwight Howard has his eyes on WWE

As a free agent, Dwight Howard spent the past season alongside LeBron James and Co. on the Los Angeles Lakers roster. However, it is not basketball that we are here to highlight, but rather the colorful and entertaining universe of the World Wrestling Entertainment company. Seen recently at from WWE trying out in Nashville, Tennessee, Howard happily revealed to reporters that competing in WWE is what he would like to do when his playing career comes to an end. “I think it’s something that’s in my future. I love WWE. I love wrestling,” Howard said. “I hope someday in the future I’ll be in the ring. … I’ve watched this all my life and thought, ‘Man, if I had the chance to do this, I ‘was going to do it with all my heart the best I could.’ ” If you’re wondering how soon that will happen, Howard himself remains certain he’ll play in 2022 despite no team signing him.

Indeed, this most recent campaign hasn’t been the best for the eight-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year. Averaging and career low 6.2 points and 5.9 rebounds in just 16.2 minutes per game, Howard contributed little to what turned out to be a disastrous season for the Lakers. That being said, it would be a mistake to write off the big man who has spent 19 seasons in the NBA, since being drafted as the No. 1 overall pick by the Orlando Magic in 2004. Either way, what’s clear is that Howard has a future in the ring at heart and, moreover, relishes the idea as his reference to WWE as “the best company in the world,” it would seem. indicate it.

Have other NBA stars been to WWE?

While there are currently no NBA alumni in WWE, it’s curious to note that a handful of current stars have appeared at some of the organization’s events lately. Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young, for example, was on hand for a wrestling concert last September held at Madison Square Garden. Then there was Lonzo and LaMelo Ball who appeared on “Monday Night Raw” in 2017 with their father, LaVar Ball, back when Lonzo was first drafted by the Lakers and LaMelo was still in high school.

As for former stars, who could forget when Shaquille O’Neal used the nickname “Superman” for the first time, during his three appearances in the ring? Yet perhaps the most famous of all NBA cameos to WWE was the tag team match that involved former Utah Jazz star and two-time MVP Karl Malone alongside WCW’s Diamond Dallas Page, in a match against Hulk Hogan and the infamous former NBA. star Dennis Rodman in 1998. Incidentally, Malone would go on to appear once more in 2017, as Rodman had made a habit of stepping into the ring throughout his NBA career.

Dwight Howard seeks to write WWE and NBA history

If you’re wondering whether or not this is a joke, think again. Howard has high hopes of becoming the very first former NBA player to officially join the WWE ranks as more than just a guest. Indeed, the big man has even stated that he would like to start in Orlando, Florida, which is not only a major WWE hub, but the place where it all started for him in the NBA. For now, we’ll have to settle for continuing to ply his trade on the court until he finally steps into the wrestling ring.

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