Iterboreale pumping station to improve water supply | New

Several communities in southeast St Mary’s and parts of Portland will now benefit from water distribution after the Iterboreale well station went into service on Thursday.

The Minister without Portfolio at the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Matthew Samuda, was the guest speaker at the commissioning ceremony of the Iterboreale National Water Commission pumping station. He said the government is committed to providing clean water to every community.

“Communities in Islington, Nutsfield and Highgate…. communities across the length and breadth – certainly in the center of St Mary’s – will benefit from this service,” Samuda said.

“Between 30,000 and 40,000 people will benefit from better supplies. It’s something we’re happy to be a part of, and there’s additional work being done on 4.8 kilometers of pipeline between Windsor Castle and Hart Hill (Portland) at a cost of $62 million. We do what it takes to manage the pumping stations to connect the distribution network.


“We have far too many water thefts in Jamaica. The NWC, and certainly this regional team, is ready to work around the clock to connect anyone who requests these connections, once they are in the areas that we can connect. There is absolutely no need to steal water. We make it our business to ensure that every week we bring more and more people closer to a reliable water supply,” he said. -he adds.

Around $25 million has been spent on improving Iterboreale’s water supply system, which will benefit more than 40 communities in Highgate, Islington and Nutsfield, as well as other communities in Annotto Bay, Enfield , Dover, Epsom and parts of West Portland.

Earlier, South East St Mary’s MP Dr Norman Dunn spoke about the need for proper water distribution. According to him, this continues to affect the daily lives of his constituents, who over the years have received water in a regulated manner.

“I am very pleased to see the commissioning of this well, which will alleviate the plight of the people of certain parts of this constituency. I also anticipate that some attention will be given to the commissioning of the Chovy water system. (Junction), which will allow proper distribution to other communities,” Dunn said.

Port Maria Mayor Richard Creary said the commissioning of the Iterboreale Pumping Station will go a long way in alleviating the many challenges faced by residents of various communities in St Mary’s who are facing a shortage of water. water and rely heavily on piped water trucking as the drought continues to worsen.

Central St Mary’s MP Dr Morais Guy said the commissioning of the station will provide much-needed distribution to residents of Central St Mary’s.

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