Jennifer Lopez just turned on summer mode and over 3 million fans love her swimsuit

What better way to embrace the start of summer than to see actress and singer Jennifer Lopez in her new swimsuit? She’s definitely one of the prettiest performers we have right now, and at the ripe old age of 52, she still has the same kind of body she had when she started out as a Fly Girl dancer on In living color. Lopez is ready for summer as she shows off her new swimsuit which has been raved about by more than three million fans.

This summer will probably inspire a lot of people to show off their bikini bodies. Jennifer Lopez is one of them, as she posed for photos and a video of herself in a new bikini on instagram. These are supposed to be behind the scenes shots from his new documentary half timewho puts the accent on her 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

We all know that Jennifer Lopez it looks good in a bikini. With no fat or wrinkles in sight, women everywhere would kill for a body like this. In the video, we see her slowly spinning by the pool in a tiny black triangle bikini with a feather duster adorned with butterflies and oversized sunglasses as accessories. Her Goldendoodle dog Tyson couldn’t resist making an appearance in the video! This actress was not one to hesitate show her body in the past, considering one of her last roles was playing a stripper in the comedy-drama crime film The scammers. She continues to look fit and fabulous.

In the brand new Netflix documentary trailer half timewe see Jennifer Lopez rehearsing for her Super Bowl 2020 show, as well as the disappointment on her part Oscar snubbed for Hustlers. As we see her leading her ensemble dancers for her big moment, we also get a glimpse of what her life as a singer and actress has been like. Audiences will also be able to see the routines Jennifer Lopez followed to get in shape for her performances and deal with sexist comments from interviewers, such as when someone asked her about her butt size. Being in the spotlight is never easy, but Jennifer Lopez will continue to triumph in whatever she does.

Another person we see interviewed for the documentary is her fiancé, Ben Affleck. These two are an example of rekindled love, as they were together from mid-2002 to 2004, to call off their engagement. Now Lopez and Affleck have a second chance at happiness, as they are ready to wed again. The Selena star opened on balance your professional life with your family life, in that once married, she will be open to work opportunities while putting her family first. Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented woman who can sing, dance, act, and act as a wife and mother to her family.

Be sure to catch Jennifer Lopez rocking her bikini look in the next Netflix documentary half time Premiere June 14.

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