Kairi Sane to become free agent soon, WWE deal expires

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It has been a while since fans saw Kairi Sane. The already legendary Japanese wrestler has been with WWE since 2017, but left the ring in 2020. Her last match was at the WWE Thunderdome against Bayley, which would see her move to Japan and work as a WWE Ambassador. This is how she chose to end the remainder of her contract with WWE, which is ending very soon.

Kairi Sane turned down new WWE deal, Stardom wants to bring her back

A report from Fightful.com shows Sane’s deal with WWE is in effect next month. It comes after reports in December that WWE was trying to re-sign Sane. The plan was to get her back into the ring, which would have been a big boost for the women’s division – but Sane turned down this new contract. Clearly having no interest in staying with WWE, Sane recently removed most mentions of WWE from his social media and announced a return to the ring.

It could very well happen in Japan with the Stardom promotion, where Kairi struggled for many years as Kairi Hojo. Having been one of the biggest stars in the promotion, it’s obvious why they want her to come back. Stardom is hoping 2022 will be his biggest year yet, but recently lost some big names with the departure of Jungle Kyona.

Wanting to stay closer to home than WWE allows

Sane does not seem eager to leave Japan, wanting to stay close to her husband. This is probably why she turned down the WWE contract offer. If she returns in the ring for Stardom, we might see her in AEW as well – but as a special guest more than anything. AEW has worked with Stardom in the past and features many Joshi wrestlers in its lineup.

The celebrity could benefit greatly from the return of such a recognizable name to her roster. They were able to perform the Nippon Budokan in 2021 and hope to reach even higher heights in 2022. Getting Kairi Hojo back into the mix could create a lot of buzz and keep pushing them higher and higher.

Where do you hope to see Kairi Sane wrestle in 2022? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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