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Since I’m sure you’ve read last month’s issue from cover to cover, you know exactly what to expect in 2022. But do you know the details of what happened last year? I did not mean it. After reading my column, look at all those real data numbers and see how it all turned out. Really dive into that data, swim and live in it for a while, and then go check out the top producers who are making big money. Get advice and maybe, if you’re lucky, you can be among the top producers in 2023. Maybe. Until then, go grab a cocktail (the Negroni has been my drink of choice lately) and dig into all the gossip that can be printed and some that isn’t, but we print it anyway.

Danny Lewis turned the big 4-0 and celebrated with hundreds of his closest friends. Since he wasn’t picky with the guest list, I managed to nab an invite. The shindig was at Alla Vita on the Park and featured a tarot card reader, photo booth, adults, and delicious food.

Sheena Baker of Compass Realty in Aurora also hosted a birthday party. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail because I must have heard about it through real estate. I’m sure everyone had a blast paying their respects to Sheena, and it’s too bad I couldn’t go (I wasn’t invited) because I would have nailed my outfit on the One Thousand and One Nights theme. And I give very, very nice birthday gifts. Keep this in mind when putting together your next guest list.

The guaranteed fare ferried people to Cabo for their annual President’s Club thing. I hope they didn’t come home just when the temperature dropped below zero and the clouds dumped a foot of snow on Chicagoland because that wouldn’t be the best way to get home vacation. However, nothing beats building a snowman in the event of a sunburn.

Dreamtown also transported people to Cabo! It was a dream come true for many of them to leave town. Impossible to resist.

Let’s see who ages in February, shall we? Emily Santos celebrates on February 7, Art Schalk on February 8, and then Kelly Wong and Hamza Ishaq get on the birthday train on the 9th and 10th, respectively. Laura Gaan gets all the attention on February 12, while Debra Kaden and Alice Chin will co-star on February 18. Lewis Jones will be more distinguished on February 19, while Ginger Downs will do the same (if that’s even possible) on February 21. Kevin Kelly will party on February 22, and Graham Allen, David Kasprisin and Jill Hare can all raise a drink on February 23. Maybe Donna Crane can pick up some of that action on Feb. 24. Linda Ryan and Joe Thouvenell celebrate February 29! If we go through March, it brings us closer to spring, so shout out to Beth Repta on March 3, Elana Spector on March 5, and Jim Psyhogios on March 6.

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