Muskoka Authors’ Association welcomes Maja Ardal as guest speaker

The Muskoka Authors Association is delighted to welcome Maja Ardal once again as a guest speaker on January 12, 2022 via the ZOOM conference. Maja will answer the following questions after identifying the writing rules. Is the “outline, character, plot and structure approach the only way to start and develop your work? And the time ? Past, present or both? Can we revisit what could become a book / novel / play? Can we experiment with style and form when we seek to create? What is the “authentic voice? How to reach the truth? What is the distinction between truth and facts? ”

Maja, an Icelandic Canadian, was born in Siglufjordur in Iceland. She was educated in Scotland and began her theater career in Canada in 1970. She works as a playwright, workshop host, actress, director and teacher of theater, movement, drama and voice. She lives in Muskoka.

Award-winning playwright, actress, director, teacher and producer, Maja began her career in 1970 as a member of Toronto Workshop Productions. She has performed and directed in theaters across Canada and was artistic director of Young People‘s Theater in the 1990s. She has toured Canada and abroad with her two solo shows and created One thing leads to another, Theater for Babies, based on his research on the neuropsychology of infant learning. The show, produced by the Young People’s Theater, toured Canada in 2019. The sequel, You and me, premiered in 2020. Maja’s musical The Hero of Hunter Street premiered at 4thLine Theater 2016 and her play Wishful Seeing is on hold for production by 4thLine Theater when pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Currently Maja is translating and developing a solo for Talk is Free Theater inspired by Friedrich Durrenmatt The Visit (Der Besuch der Alten Dame). Also for Talk is Free she starred in Adam Meisner For rest and breeding who toured Australia in 2020. She received the 2002 George Luscombe Award for Mentorship in Theater and a Dora Award (2009) for the performance of her play You like each other.

The Zoom room opens at 6:50 p.m. start of the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Fees: MAA Members: Free, Non-Members: $ 20

For more information and to register, visit Muskoka and click on UPCOMING EVENTS or call David Bruce Patterson at 705-801-8074.

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