Nintendo Switch accessory almost doubles the screen size of portable mode

The soon to be released Orion UpSwitch accessory almost doubles the screen size of the standard Nintendo Switch and also includes stereo speakers.

A Nintendo The Switch accessory known as the Orion UpSwitch makes the Switch experience bigger than ever by almost doubling the screen size. The Switch with the largest officially available screen size is currently the recently released OLED Switch.

Before the announcement of the OLED Switch, rumors were rife about the possibility of a Nintendo Switch Pro. The Switch OLED and Switch Lite place more emphasis on portability in their upgrades than on docked gaming. The Switch Lite forgoes docked play altogether, but is cheaper to buy than a regular Switch. The OLED Switch has an OLED display and enhanced sound, among other features. The notional Switch Pro, which reportedly featured 4K resolution, hasn’t come to fruition at the time of writing, which disappointed Switch fans who were hoping for a more powerful machine.


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The Orion UpSwitch (via Nintendo’s life) was recently made available for pre-order on Gamestop for $ 350. Manufactured by UpSwitch, the Orion UpSwitch provides an 11.6 inch 1080p monitor that can be attached to an unconnected switch to provide a much larger screen. It sports an HDMI port, USB-C port, stereo speakers, joy-con grip slots, and even its own kickstand. Upswitch launched a campaign on Indiegogo on November 21 that has racked up nearly $ 80,000 at the time of writing. Orion Upswitch is slated for release on December 3.

See the original video on YouTube here.

There are a variety of Switch accessories made by third party companies. Third-party company Venom released the Switch cub golf accessories on the same day as the release of Mario Golf: Super Rush. Company Answer even made brass knuckles accessories for fun, providing an extra form of defense in an emergency, ridiculous as that sounds. Whatever the purpose, there has been and always will be a wide variety of third-party Switch accessories that will meet many needs.

Orion Upswitch’s larger screen can improve the quality of the portable Switch experience. But at the same time, its size can also make it difficult to carry around, which maybe makes it more difficult to use portable than the standard switch. The price being $ 350 is also very high. Still, being able to carry a Switch that’s essentially the size of a tablet has its perks, and while it’s not the legendary Switch Pro, it can still cater to the crowds that favor the wearable experience enough to want a plus. great experience on the Nintendo Switch.

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Sources: Nintendo Life, Gamestop, Indiegogo, UpSwitchUSA / YouTube

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