Nothing on the phone (1) obscured the music viewing mode

A week after its launch, the Nothing Phone (1) turned out to be a competent mid-range with a striking design that uses LEDs and a transparent back plate. The Glyph lighting panel works for a number of things, including notifications, but the Nothing Phone (1) also has a hidden “Music Visualization” mode which, while not immediately accessible , can actually be enabled with a little work.

Just 24 hours before the device’s launch, a firmware build was leaked, revealing much of what the sub-$500 device was capable of and what would set it apart from the sea of ​​mid-range smartphones. range that already litter the market. There were hints that the Nothing Phone (1) would include this “Music Visualization” feature that syncs the Glyph lighting panel with any music that’s playing.

Unfortunately it was not present in the full but regular version 9to5Google donor Dylan Roussel found a way to enable the feature for those who managed to get their hands on the phone (1). It’s pretty well hidden and requires a weird but fun workaround.

To access the Music View mode settings on your Nothing Phone (1), you must first create a contact in your address book named “Abra”. From there, head to Settings > Glyph Interface > Ringtones > click “Add Contact”. Now you can select any ringtone for the “Abra” contact you just created and click “Save”. From there, return to the Gylph interface page and you should now see a toggle for music visualization.

When you’re listening to music through your device’s speaker, the glyph light flashes in time with the track that’s playing. Due to the potential risk to people with epilepsy, this feature may not be available until the issues are resolved. That said, it’s a handy way to get music viewing mode right now on your Nothing(1) phone.

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