Pippin was secretly an agent of Sauron

Pippin from The Lord of the Rings is beloved for his role in comedic Fellowship relief, but one savage theory offers a sinister reason for his behavior.

The Lord of the Rings novels and movie adaptations are teeming with beloved characters, but even among this illustrious company, Peregrin “Pippin” Took stands out as a fan favorite. The youngest of the four Hobbit members of the Fellowship, Pippin is cheerful, curious, and prone to messing around. Her hilarious and carefree personality brings much-needed humor to an often dark story, and her close friendship with cousin Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck is truly heartwarming.

Pippin’s flaws are almost as numerous as his charms, however, and his propensity to do the wrong thing at the wrong time gets himself and his companions in pretty serious trouble several times over. The Lord of the Rings. In fact, he makes outrageously bad mistakes so often that it’s almost a little … suspicious. Even if it seems sacrilegious to think about it, what if Pippin’s awkwardness and brainless demeanor were in fact just an act? Could the sweet, silly Hobbit actually be Sauron’s secret agent?

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Merry and Pippin in LOTR

As ludicrous as this theory may sound, there is actually some interesting evidence in this regard, especially when you notice how many opportunities Pippin has to do serious damage and gather information for the Dark Lord. As a distant cousin and friend of Frodo, Pippin is present at the celebration of Bilbo’s birthday and witnesses the disappearance of the elder of the Baggins. In the novels, he is one of the “Conspirators” (along with Merry, Sam, and Fatty Bolger) aware of the Ring’s existence and Frodo’s intentions to leave the Shire. They spy on him to make sure he doesn’t sneak off on his own, and Merry even glances at Bilbo’s diary, sharing his findings with Pippin and others.

At Peter Jackson’s The Ffriendship of the ring adaptation, Pippin tells aloud to the other guests of the Prancing Pony in Bree the events of Bilbo’s party years before – an extremely reckless thing to do, given that the Ringbearer is actively being hunted down by the minions of Mordor. This reckless move forces Frodo to create a distraction, which causes him to don the Ring and lure the Nazgûl straight to the inn. Later, in Rivendell, Pippin (along with Merry) insists on insinuating himself into the community, though he acts as if he doesn’t even understand the mission at hand.

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the pilgrim took the mines of moria

In the mines of Moria, Pippin’s misdeeds reach new heights. First (although it’s only in the movie), he throws stones at the Watcher in the water, likely causing him to wake up and forcing the Fellowship to flee inside, away from the monster’s tentacles. . He then proceeds, sadly, to drop a stone into a well. This misstep is even worse in the film adaptation as it is a helmet, followed by an entire skeleton that awakens “the drums in the depths” aka a seemingly endless wave of orcs and trolls from the caves. This turmoil may have provoked the Balrog as well, leading to Gandalf’s “death” and one of the darkest times in the Fellowship.

The Moria incident is matched only by Pippin’s subsequent mishap with Isengard’s palantír, with whom he develops an instant and unwavering obsession as soon as he sees it. Ignoring everyone’s warnings, he steals it from a sleeping Gandalf and stares at him, allowing Sauron to perceive him and look into his mind. It’s an important moment, represented by the Dark Lord believing that Pippin is the Hobbit who holds the Ring rather than Frodo. But what if this seemingly irrational behavior is in fact Pippin finding a way to let his master know? Gandalf then takes Pippin to Minas Tirith for his custody. Coincidentally, this also brings him closer to Mordor, Sauron’s seat of power.

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Lord of the Rings Pippin takes the Palantir

The question is, when in the story was Pippinus corrupted by Sauron? that of Peter Jackson the Fellowship of the Ring The timeline condenses considerably, but there is actually a 17-year gap between Bilbo’s farewell party and Frodo’s journey from the Shire. This leaves plenty of time for Sauron’s agents to hear Pippin brag about Bilbo’s sudden and mysterious disappearance. It is possible that the Nazgûl met him in secret after arriving in the Shire before their first depicted encounter with the young Hobbits.

Understandably, this is a far-fetched canon, more in the sense of wacky thought exercises like the infamous Darth Jar Jar Theory. For each of Pippin’s mistakes, he also has plenty of redemptive moments where his courage and true heart shine through – and many of his missteps actually lead to important plot developments that ultimately make The Lord of the Rings‘happy times possible, like Gandalf’s return as Gandalf the White. By the end of the tale, Pippin has matured considerably and has become a valiant warrior in his own right. He even has the distinction of being the first Hobbit to kill a fearsome Olog-hai troll, a feat he achieved during the Battle of the Black Door (although he spent the rest of the battle trapped under his mace. dead). He later reached the post of Thain of the Shire, indicating that he would eventually become a strong and worthy leader.

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