SC Human Trafficking Task Force Welcomes Guest Speaker

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Southern Colorado Human Trafficking Task Force will host an event that aims to show what the fight against sex trafficking looks like through the story of Laura Parker, CEO and co-founder of The Exodus Road.

The event is open to the public for in-person attendance at First United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs on May 10. The event will be streamed live and will be available for online participation at 6:15 p.m.

Parker will talk about her experience and what she has learned in the fight against human trafficking over the past ten years. His organization has fought against human trafficking on all fronts. This includes undercover efforts with local police, identification of exploitation in social media and other online channels, anti-trafficking education for communities, and aftercare services for survivors.

“Human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, hides in places you wouldn’t expect, including our own community,” Parker said. “Any kind of law that we can help workers become safer in any capacity is ultimately a very good thing.”

One of the toughest obstacles Parker and his organization have faced is the increase in the exploitation of people online.

“The most important and difficult thing is trying to stay ahead…because obviously the tech space is so complex and requires a lot of resources to try to figure out how to fight it. “, Parker said.

According to Exodus Road, there are over 40 million modern slaves in the world.

“We all have this responsibility as human beings to step up to the most vulnerable right in our own communities,” Parker said.

To view the meeting, go to and click “Join meeting”. The Exodus Road also offers a TraffickWatch Academy course to learn the warning signs that someone might be trafficked and the practical steps you can take to combat trafficking in all its forms – sign up at

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