Shawn Fair chooses dynamic speaker Christopher Hampton to uplift its leaders

The pandemic has posed a challenge for anyone who wants to grow taller: how are you harnessing your potential? How do you put your potential to work? Shawn Fair, the leading motivational speaker and training expert, owns the number one speaking platform for speakers in the United States. Today, he wants to take all of today’s key leaders to the next level by listening to another dynamic speaker, Christopher Hampton.

Christopher Hampton is an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author, arts, culture and heritage commissioner for the city of Camden, New Jersey. His book, Everyday Leadership for Everyday People, will help readers see that anyone can lead. The book also teaches that leadership is for everyone because everyone already has everything they need to grow and develop as an individual and a leader.

Recent studies indicate that one of the most effective ways to harness one’s potential is through effective coaching. Effective coaching is not just about transferring and accumulating information, but, most importantly, using the available information for personal application and transformation. Here’s the hard truth: Potential will be of no use to you if you don’t learn how to harness it. A good coach can help you discover your potential, but a good coach can help you develop it every day. It is in this area of ​​expertise that Christopher Hampton stands out from the crowd.

Christopher’s personal discovery of his untapped potential led him to found the CHAMPIAM Organization. The organization is committed to helping leaders see their leadership potential and to “unleash the CHAMPIAM within you”. He believes leadership is an influence, not a position. Anyone can learn the skills they need to lead.

Christopher believes the difference between a rookie and a grand champion is not just the years and effort they put into their craft, but most of all in their ability to recognize, nurture and develop their potential. Christopher Hampton is the kind of coach who can turn potential into power. He believes that there is a CHAMPIAM in everyone who is waiting to be released, and the CHAMPIAM in you can become the change in the world we want to see.

Due to his rich and unique experiences as a motivational speaker, Chris approaches his audience with humor and an engaging style that makes you feel equipped and empowered to turn your potential into a vital goal, as evidenced by his most professional accomplishments. recent.

In addition to being the founder and CEO of The CHAMPIAM Organization, Chris has shared the stage with great speaker Les Brown and is the director of Good Vibes Open Mic Night – a platform that gives young artists a way to flaunt their artistic gifts and to serve their community. ). He empowered and inspired audiences from different backgrounds: students, teachers, working class and even prisoners.

Christopher Hampton loves to motivate and inspire, making people see what their lives would be like if they allowed him to turn their potential into power. To learn more about Christopher’s work or to take the first step in turning your potential into power, message the coach and speaker through their website or email address.

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