Spotify is testing its new car mode

Being able to listen to music while driving is good, but not having a car accident is better. That’s why Spotify introduced its “car mode” some time ago. Now, after having discontinued it for several months, Spotify is testing a new car mode, and some customers will be able to use it.

There are ways to listen to Spotify on the go. Besides the software-based car mode, there is a hardware solution: the Spotify Car Thing. This is a device that you attach to your dashboard. It looks like a standalone GPS device that you use to control the Spotify app on your phone. Although it has a screen, it uses physical buttons and a dial for navigation.

Spotify is testing a new car mode

The Car Thing is great, but what if you don’t want to spend the $90? Well, that’s where the revamped car mode comes in. Spotify introduced it in early 2019 as “Car View”, and it’s a mode you turn on if you want to use the app safely on the road.

When car mode was activated, the display was reduced to the essentials, such as playback controls and song information. This way, you won’t be distracted by a busy interface. Although this is very useful, the company has decided to decommission the feature without any immediate successor being announced.

However, after months of silence, Spotify is bringing the feature back with an overhauled design. When you connect your phone to your car speakers, you’ll be prompted to enable car mode if you’ve been selected to test the feature.

What does the new design look like and how does it work? »

The new Spotify Car mode is very different from Car View. For starters, there’s a lot more to the interface. You see a simplified version of the standard Spotify interface with the three tabs at the bottom. Tabs are no longer transparent.

In car mode, you can actually navigate to the music you want to listen to rather than being limited to the player view. Albums are placed in a large grid above the player to keep the interface from getting cluttered.

As for the actual player, you get a look similar to Carn View. However, in car mode, you have playback controls and song information. You also have the like, random and voice search buttons. To top it off, you have the album cover.

If you want to try car mode, it’s not for everyone. Check if your app is up to date. If so, try connecting your phone to your car speakers.

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