The 85th Lions Club Student Speaker Competition to be Held in February

The Fairfield HOST Lions Club has scheduled its Entrance Club Level Student Speaker Competition for Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.

The theme of this year’s competition is “How Can Kindness Unite Our Country?”

The local Lions club entry level competition is the first step in this statewide competition.

The winner of this competition will move on to the 2nd level competition which will be held on March 16, in Fairfield, the winner of this competition will then move on to the 3rd level competition which will be held on April 6, also in Fairfield.

The fourth level, the district competition, will be held in the North Bay area with a date yet to be determined. The location and date of the Level 5 competition will be determined once the Level 4 competition is over. The 6th and final level of the competition will take place on Saturday June 11 in San José.

All current high school students in the Fairfield, Vacaville and Travis school districts, including those in charter schools, independent studies, and those in private schools or equivalent home education programs at the high school level, are welcome to enter this competition.

At this entry club level, we are limited by the contest rules to a maximum of six participants.

A list will be kept up to date and the six speaker slots will be allocated to interested students upon initial contact, with students placed on a waiting list once all slots have been filled in case slots become available. before the competition.

Since we are the only Lion’s Club running this contest in the Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun area, the six locations usually fill up quickly.

At each level of the competition, the winner will receive monetary prizes and / or scholarships. Club Contest $ 100.00, Zone Contest $ 150.00, Regional Contest $ 250.00, District Contest $ 4,500.00, Zone Contest $ 6,500.00 and Final Contest $ 10,000.
For a total of $ 21,500.00 awarded to the final winner of the contest!

Additional information and a copy of the competition manual are available on the competition website:
or contact the Fairfield HOST Lions Club directly at:
[email protected] or by calling or sending an SMS:
(707) 646-1201.

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