The Google Pixel 6 mobile network drains too much battery in standby mode

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The original story (published November 11, 2021) follows:

Early buyers of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro series continue to report areas for improvement. You can check out the dedicated Bug / Issue Tracker to stay on top of everything.

The most recent reports from Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phone users indicate battery drain issues caused by the mobile network in standby mode.

Mobile network in standby mode would drain too much battery on Google Pixel 6 series

Some Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users report that their phones suffer from excessive battery consumption in standby mode (1, 2, 3, 4).

When visiting the battery section of the system, affected users report that the “mobile network” element consumes between 30% and 40% of the battery per day.

Does anyone else see a mobile network put to sleep using up to 40% battery in the past 24 hours?

I have tried many things like disabling adaptive connectivity. But the only thing that seemed to reduce it was turning off data completely. This is weird because the phone should use wifi, I noticed the phone sometimes disconnects from wifi when locked so could this be related?

Day three with my pixel 6 pro and noticed it while watching youtube or whatever. Even scrolling Chrome or Reddit the phone gets really hot to the point where when I try to charge it according to the Accu battery it says I’m charging at 2-10mA. Anyone else having these issues? I tried upgrading to 5g because it indicates that mobile network standby is taking up more than 30-40% of my battery. Disabling mobile connectivity is not an option as I’m on the road so it’s strictly on 4G LTE

Some users suspect that the problem could be that the Pixel 6 suddenly loses all network coverage and recovers it a few seconds later. This would happen spontaneously every 2-3 minutes.


Constantly losing and recovering the signal puts extra strain on the Pixel 6’s modem. This would therefore cause the reported battery to over-discharge.

Some potential workarounds

Among the reports, there are also possible workarounds that may alleviate the problem. For example, it is recommended to turn off “Adaptive Connectivity”.


Adaptive connectivity is a feature that automatically switches between WiFi and mobile data networks. This means that the mobile data is always active, even if the Wi-Fi is in use.

If that doesn’t work, a more “severe” workaround can be tried. Basically, it is recommended to do a factory reset and configure the phone from scratch, without directly transferring the data or saved settings.

Had a very, very similar drain (Google Fi here). I tried a bunch of things (turn off mobile sleep, turn off 5g, etc.), but in the end a factory reset and not transferring data seems to have solved it for me. SMS backup and restore used to get texts, manual reinstallation of all apps.

Bug reported on the official issue tracker

The bug has already been listed on Google’s bug reporting platform. For now, it only remains to wait for further updates in this regard.


If there are new developments in this regard, we will update this article. So stay tuned with us.

Update 1 (December 07)

12:03 (IST): The December 2021 update is rolling out to Pixel devices and there are some improvements to the battery experience as well. Below is a section of the changelog.

Battery and power

– Additional improvements for the battery charge information displayed in the notification shade.
– General battery and thermal performance improvements under certain conditions.
– General improvements for wireless charging under certain conditions *[5].
– Alignment detection improvements on Pixel Stand under certain conditions.
– Fixed issues that sometimes caused a battery usage account to be displayed incorrectly in settings.

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