Tim Steller’s Opinion: Murder of DEA Agent Highlights Staggering Number of Homicides in Tucson | Subscriber

These outings include police officers quitting their jobs in major city departments like Tucson, officers withdrawing from previous patrols out of necessity and despondency, and the public simply becomes more violent after a summer of protests and riots.

As the United States Attorney General and DEA Administrator were in town this week to respond to Garbo’s murder, people across town reacted less visibly to the loss of loved ones.

I spoke to two mothers of victims about what one might call “domestic violence” homicides. But they weren’t the usual type: both were men in their thirties; each was killed by a young man.

Armando Padilla’s mother, Leslie Madrid, told me that Padilla had run into a tobacco store on 12th Avenue South where her sister and boyfriend were harassing Armando’s father, not for the first time. It was the afternoon of April 30th.

Padilla, 37, was eventually chased and punched by the driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe. Boyfriend Fernando Borquez is accused of deliberately crushing Padilla and is charged with first degree murder.

Anthony Watkins’ mother, Mary Gastelum, told me her son had an argument with his girlfriend’s son. The boy, Lashaun Jayvion White, 16, is accused of opening fire and killing Watkins, 35. He is now charged with second degree murder.

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