Toronto butcher is closing permanently due to landlord and supply chain issues

A popular neighborhood butcher shop is closing in Toronto after opening a few years ago.

Chantecler Boucherie was almost immediately popular when it opened in 2019, due to its association with the French restaurant Chantecler, which unfortunately burned down and closed.

The Chantecler team eventually opened Le Phénix across the street, but kept going to the butcher shop when closings hit, serving sandwiches, high-quality meats, house charcuterie and homemade sausages. In addition to all their butchery products, they also sold local produce, wine and frozen food.

Today the butcher shop announced that it was closing its doors.

“It has become very apparent that we can no longer offer the services and products that our fantastic customers deserve in the current situation of our buildings,” read an article from the butcher.

The store is looking for a new space where they can operate and the post refers to “our wonderful and vibrant neighborhood” so hopefully they won’t go far, but regardless, Chantecler Butchery will not continue as before.

“We’re not moving that exact concept per se,” Butchery owner Jake Wharton-Shukster told blogTO. “This is a permanent closure of Chantecler Boucherie.”

In a separate Facebook post, Wharton-Shukster also referred to “problems with building owner” and product storage issues.

While it will be sad to see the store disappear, carnivores can at least console themselves by closing the sales on everything in the store. They anticipate that July 22 will be their last day.

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