Ulefone Armor X10 Easy Launcher and Kids Space Mode

Mobiles are produced to serve different people in different aspects and also for different ages. With the development of science and economy, smartphones are becoming more and more intelligent and equipped with more and more advanced features. However, for the elderly, only a few common applications are sufficient in daily life. It’s also a good idea to limit excessive phone use by children. The rugged Ulefone Armor X10 has both Easy Launcher and Children Space functions to meet the special needs of the elderly and children. Let’s watch the video to see how they can be configured and find out their benefits.

Once you tap the Easy Launcher icon on Armor X10’s screen, you will enter Easy Launcher mode. There you are allowed to browse all the photos you want. If you swipe the screen to the right, you can add apps that older people commonly use. And you are free to press any icon to access the corresponding application. The contact list can be seen by swiping the screen to the far left, then you are suggested to add the frequently used contacts. To make phone calls easier and more convenient for the elderly. Also, it’s nice to lock the interface to avoid accidentally touching the app to delete it. I just went to settings and tap on secure lock option. The Easy Launcher mode is just a useful way to simplify the use of phones for the elderly.

Children Space is another easy mode available with Armor X10. In case some apps are not suitable for kids to browse or they use the phone excessively, parents can take some measures like setting Children Space mode to fix the problem. First, you can press Children Space and enter the mode. Next, you need to set a password to access Children Space. Only the apps you select would be accessible to children. Also, Screen Time can be configured to prevent children’s eyes from staring at the screen for too long. And it contributes to a healthy way for children to play with the mobile phone. It really seems like a reliable method to prevent kids from getting inappropriate information, while keeping them happy growing up.

Armor X10, as a rugged phone, is resistant to water, dust and sudden shocks and it has great durability. Its slim design and appropriate screen size also make it a nice phone for older people. What’s more, it is designed with dual super linear speakers and headphone-less FM function for user to enjoy its wonderful sound quality. A powerful processor is the key to smooth gaming and kids will surely appreciate it.

Combined with all these great features and its Easy Launcher and Children Space mode, Ulefone Armor X10 seems like the most obvious rugged phone for old people and kids. If you want to get more details about it, please feel free to visit the Ulefone official website.

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