WATCH: Joe Rogan thinks Jeffrey Epstein could have worked as a CIA agent

Joe Rogan wwent viral after he alleged convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein may have worked as a secret agent for the CIA or Israel’s Mossad.

Epstein could have been part of an operation to gather sensitive information about the world’s richest and most powerful individuals, Rogan, 54, said in Friday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

The topic of the late Epstein came up when Rogan and his guest, Whitney Cummings, spoke about Epstein’s ties to Harvard University.


“Well, he definitely gave money to science,” Rogan said, referring to Epstein.

“You know, but I had a conversation with a scientist who didn’t buy into this Epstein thing and wouldn’t go to meetings and stuff like that. … And, he said, he was really shocked at how little money he donated.”

Epstein gave at least $9 million to Harvard and visited the campus more than 40 times, according to a report, but Rogan said the infamous predator’s relationship with elites in Cambridge, Massachusetts, may have been much deeper.

“He was taking them to parties. Like it was an intelligence operation,” according to Rogan. “Whoever was running it, whether it was Mossad or the CIA or a combination of the two, it was an intelligence operation. They were bringing people in and compromising them.”

“And then when they compromised them, they used, you know, everything they had about them to influence their opinions and the way they expressed those opinions,” he continued. “And I don’t know why they would want to do that with scientists, which is really weird to me.”

Cummings said she found the suggestion interesting and joked about what the scientists were doing.

“Epstein is like, ‘I need you to do a study on how 15-year-old girls are adults. They’re more mature than we thought,'” she said. “But, if a scientist donates, I’m sorry, if a wealthy person donates to a scientist, does he have the ability to step in, or he’s just like, ‘I’m not making any decisions about how which this money is spent “. ”

Rogan admitted he didn’t have a full understanding of what could have happened.

“I don’t know. I mean, I imagine the money goes…like, if you have a research grant, okay, and say, like, you’re working on a cure for leukemia or something. thing like that, you know, you find established scientists working on this thing, and then you allocate money so they can work on projects, whether or not the person giving the money has any influence on the how that money is spent…I doubt it,” Rogan said.

“I highly doubt that legitimate scientists buy into this.”

Rogan then released a report suggesting Epstein had “key card” access to designated office space at Harvard under the Evolutionary Dynamics program until 2018.

“They gave this to him at Harvard after he was arrested for f****** underage girls,” Rogan said.


“Whatever he did, and I don’t know why he was doing it, you know, and nobody knows now that he’s dead, but he had a lot of scientists he was close with, and that’s one things that he did…brought these scientists to this island, and he would have young girls on this island,” he continued. “But what’s the end goal there?

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