Wayne Rooney’s agent says he became aware of alleged leaks

Rebekah and Jamie Vardy did not return to court after a short break in the afternoon proceedings.

Rebekah Vardy allegedly called Wayne Rooney’s cousin ‘Wayne’s chavvy sister’ in messages to her publicist Caroline Watt, the High Court has heard.

Claire Rooney, who is said to be “close” to the couple, said the couple seemed to suggest she could be the source of leaks from Coleen’s private Instagram account.

In her written statement, she told how she received an excerpt from Rebekah’s WhatsApp messages with Ms Watt on February 11, 2019.

She said: “In this exchange they seem to be discussing that someone else also has to sell stories about Coleen because a story appeared in The Sun that they say they weren’t responsible for. “

“I can see Caroline Watt suggesting ‘That’s probably someone like Wayne’s chavvy sister’. Wayne doesn’t have a sister and so I guess Caroline Watt is referring to me as Wayne’s cousin and because I still have the last name Rooney.

“I have never met Caroline Watt in my life, and I have never spoken to her either. I am not aware that Coleen has either. I can confirm that I have never leaked any information about Coleen or Wayne, or anyone for that matter, at the press.

An expert commissioned by Rebekah Vardy found it “surprising” that there was an “absence” of WhatsApp messages between her and agent Caroline Watt after the Wag tried to export messages from her device to her lawyers, has said the High Court.

Coleen Rooney’s lawyer, David Sherborne, asked Ian Henderson a series of questions in court about Rebekah’s data, which the lawyer said had been ‘deleted’ or ‘lost’.

Mr Sherborne told the expert that he had described the ‘absence of such data caused by the download process’ as ‘somewhat startling’, with Mr Henderson agreeing he remembered saying that.

“Is it clear that you are surprised to say that this is not what you would expect?” Mr. Sherborne added.

“That’s right,” replied Mr. Henderson.

Twitter User Jokes Bearded Wayne Rooney Looks Like Henry VIII

Twitter users have reacted to Manchester United’s all-time top scorer giving evidence at the High Court in London today.

So far he has described the awkward moment he spoke to Jamie Vardy during Euro 2016 he asked the Leicester striker to ask his wife to ‘calm down’.

Many followers of the case mocked and created memes about Rooney’s bearded appearance, comparing him to Henry VIII.

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