What is Alexa Brief Mode?

It’s truly amazing how realistic voice assistants have become. They are at the point where you can have a full conversation with them. However, there are times when you don’t want them to be so talkative. That’s where Brief Mode for Amazon Alexa comes in. What is this mode and how can it improve the overall experience? Let’s find out.

What is Brief Mode for Alexa?

If you’re someone who uses voice assistants often, you’ll know how much effort it takes to make them sound realistic. You can ask them a question and come across perfectly articulated sentences. You can say “What’s the weather like?” » and get in return « It’s 85° and it’s sunny. Additionally, there is a slight risk of thunderstorms later in the day. That’s the kind of response you’d get from a human being (more or less).

That’s great and all, but there are times when you want the assistant to cut to the chase. Whether you are in a quiet environment or need orders to be fulfilled quickly.

This is where Brief Mode comes in handy for Alexa. If you have this mode enabled, Alexa will speak the bare minimum of words to satisfy your command.

This feature only affects a number of commands, so most people won’t really notice a difference. It mainly works if you set a routine or control smart home devices. Usually when you tell Alexa to turn off a light or other smart home actions, you’ll get a verbal response like “Okay”. However, with Brief Mode enabled, you will only hear a short tone before your command is complete.

When it comes to actions like setting reminders, asking the weather, and playing music, Alexa will respond with the usual verbal responses. If you’re an avid smart home user and want Alexa to talk less, you should definitely give Brief Mode a try.

How to enable brief mode

Enabling brief mode for Alexa is really quick and easy. First, you’ll want to access the Alexa app on your device. Tap the After on the bottom panel and scroll down to Settings button.

From there, you should see another menu with different sections you can scroll through. Scroll to Alexa Preferences section and press Voice responses.

On the resulting screen, you should see the option to toggle brief mode on and off. Tap the switch on the right side of the screen and you’ll be in brief mode.

Plus, if you want a faster, easier way to do this, just summon Alexa and say “turn on brief mode.” Ironically, Alexa will respond with a long verbal response.

Useful Alexa Products

There are several useful products you can use to use Alexa to its full potential.

Edifier MS50A

If you’re looking for a high-quality speaker to fill your room with music, there’s one that uses Alexa.

The speaker is Edifier’s MS50A Wi-Fi speaker. It’s a powerful, full-featured speaker that uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to stream music. It has capacitive controls on the top to control media. Plus, it has a sleek wooden design on the sides to give it a more traditional look (despite being plastic).

Edifier MS50a 4ah

The speaker doesn’t have microphones, so you won’t be able to summon Alexa while using it. However, the company left out the microphones to maintain user privacy. It’s mostly for hearing Alexa through.

When you set up the device, you will be able to connect it to your Alexa account. At this point, you will be able to use Alexa in several ways.

For starters, since this is a speaker (used for music and all), any music you listen to through your Alexa account will come through the speaker. Amazon has partnered with several music streaming services like Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc. You will be able to access these services directly from your application. When using these services, regardless of the devices you use, you will be able to stream the music directly to your speaker.

Edifier MS50a 8ah

Second, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to recite reminders through the speaker. Simply set a reminder on your phone, computer or other Alexa device. Then set it to have Alexa’s voice come through the MS50A.

Lenovo Essential Smart Clock with Alexa

Lenovo recently released a new smart clock with Amazon’s Alexa built-in. It’s your typical alarm clock with a “calculator” LCD display. It displays things like the time (of course), day, weather, temperature, and ambient sound volume level.

Lenovo essential smart clock ah 5

What’s nice is that it’s also a fully functional Alexa speaker. It has multiple charged microphones that will pick up your voice if you need to summon Alexa. The microphones are really high quality and sensitive. This means you can summon Alexa from a large room if you need to.

When you summon him, you will see two circles appear on the screen which represent the eyes. This personifies Alexa and makes it seem like she’s listening to your words.

There’s also a physical Alexa button on the top of the clock that will immediately access Alexa. You can also use it to override Alexa’s voice response when she speaks.

Lenovo Essential ah 3 Smart Clock

If you’re worried about privacy, there’s a switch on the back of the clock that will disable the microphones. This is great if you want to maintain your privacy during sensitive times. There will be a small indicator on your clock display letting you know it has been turned off.

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