What is Amazon Tracking Mode and how it makes it easy to chat with Alexa

Voice assistants can be an extremely useful way to multitask – just say your query or command out loud, and it will respond with the information you need, such as the weather or setting a timer, leaving your hands free to do other things.

However, have you ever found yourself talking to one of the best smart speakers or smart displays, a bit, Good clunky? If you have an Amazon Echo in your home, having to constantly say “Alexa” to get the smart speaker ‘s attention can be quite tiring.

This is where follow mode can help, as it ensures that Alexa can respond to questions quickly, which almost makes it seem like she’s having a conversation with you.

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What is Amazon Tracking Mode?

Alexa Tracking Mode prevents Amazon’s voice assistant from going to sleep when it provides the information you requested. Instead, his friendly blue ring (meaning he’s tuned in and eager to help) continues to glow for five more seconds waiting for you to have more commands. None of these subsequent requests require you to use the Alexa wake word; you can just ask the next question.

For example, after asking “Alexa, is it going to rain today?” “, If the Follow mode is active, you can continue with” What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Or “What time does my Amazon package arrive?” It’s a simple improvement, but it’s also easy to implement.

It can also make a conversation with Alexa more natural, almost like talking to another person. For example, if you say “Alexa, who is the Queen of England” and once she responds, follow up with “how old is she” not only Alexa will respond without needing to pronounce her wake-up call again, she also understands exactly who ‘she is.

However, unlike smart speakers and smart displays that are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa tracking mode only applies to the device you’re using to converse with Alexa on. If you switch to another device, you will need to use the activation password again.

Screenshots of the tracking mode setup on the Alexa app

(Image credit: TechRadar)

How to activate Alexa Tracking Mode

There are two ways to activate tracking mode. You can either say “Alexa, turn on follow mode” or you can use the Alexa app.

Open the app and in the Devices tab, choose Echo and Alexa, then select the device you want to enable tracking mode on. Now open the device settings menu using the gear icon in the upper right corner, scroll down and tap Track mode. Tap the screen toggle to turn the option on or off.

To verify that the follow mode is working, say “Alexa…” followed by a question, as you usually would. Once the response is received, you should see the blue activity ring on the speaker remain on.

Now ask Alexa another question or give a new instruction (within five seconds) and Alexa should recognize what she is being asked to do or what information you need without having to use the button again. wake-up word. You can ask as many subsequent questions and give instructions as you want as long as the blue activity light does not turn off between your requests.

However, it should be noted that even if follow mode is on, if your smart speaker or smart display is playing music, audiobook, or is used to make a call, follow mode will not work. Likewise, if you end the conversation using phrases such as “Stop”, “Cancel”, “Go to sleep” or “Thank you”, then Alexa will not continue to stay active.

Finally, make sure it is clear that you are talking to Alexa, and if possible make sure that there is no background noise because again, it will not stay active if it is not. not sure what he heard was you and not background noise

If you decide that tracking mode isn’t for you, you can also ask Alexa to turn it off or use the toggle in the app if you’d rather it not be active.

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