Why Agent Todd’s Run For Criminal Minds Was So Brief

Agent Jordan Todd was introduced during Season 4 of Criminal Minds but exited later in the series; here’s why his run was so short on the show.

Here’s why Agent Jordan Todd had such a brief run on Criminal minds. CBS’ Criminal minds ran for fifteen seasons and followed a team of FBI agents who pursue serial killers. Naturally, this means that the series often involved dark or heartbreaking material, and some episodes could be particularly disturbing. It helped that Criminal minds assembled a cast of likable characters, who helped it stay grounded even during the darkest episodes.

The first seasons of Criminal minds were directed by Mandy Patinkin – who died after two seasons – as Gideon, but its key players like Shemar Moore’s Morgan or Matthew Gray Gubler’s Reid were already in place from the start. Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia was originally only supposed to appear in one episode before becoming one of the longest running characters in Criminal minds. The show has also had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to guest stars, with the likes of Mark Hamill, Tim Curry, Aubrey Plaza and many more appearing over the years.


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For a show that lasted fifteen years, it makes sense that when some cast members left, new characters came to fill the void. That doesn’t mean they all stayed long; Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Kate Callahan joined Criminal minds during season 10 following the exit of Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn), only to leave during the finale. An even shorter cast member was Jordan Todd (Meta Golding), who replaced JJ (AJ Cook) when she was on maternity leave during Season 4. Todd left after eight episodes, and while taking the JJ’s place was always meant to be temporary, she had a hard time adjusting to the cases the BAU was working on.

Todd was previously part of the FBI’s counterterrorism division, but her methods such as lying to a victim’s family to ensure cooperation put her at odds with Hotch. Todd is later devastated when, after holding a press conference asking a madness killer known as “The Road Warrior” to give up, the man proceeds to murder his family. Criminal minds‘ – which is experiencing a revival – Todd feels personally responsible for this outcome, leading her to withdraw from the BAU, where JJ returns shortly thereafter.

Considering the cases of BAU work, it is obvious that this is not the kind of work anyone can undertake. Criminal minds used the character of Jordan Todd to create a unique dynamic within the team, given his lack of experience with such cases. It was a reminder of the toll such work can have on an agent’s mental health, although Todd’s time – which, again, was always intended to be temporary – should have lasted a bit longer. to give viewers a chance to connect with her.

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