Winnipeg’s drug supply stronger and more powerful than ever: WFPS

The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) is warning the public that the strength and potency of Winnipeg’s current drug supply has increased to worrying levels.

“We are seeing substances that we have never really seen before,” said Cory Guest, public education paramedic coordinator with the WFPS, in an interview on Monday.

Guest said they found that in order to counter the effects of the drugs, WFPS needed to use more and more antidote.

“The antidote we gave yesterday may not work today,” he said.

Guest said he hears over and over again that people don’t know what they’re really getting when it comes to Winnipeg’s drug supply.

He explained that the WFPS sees cut or mixed drugs, adding that he has found opioids in methamphetamine, as well as cocaine in methamphetamine.

“It really speaks to the toxicity of this drug supply,” he said.

Guest said opioid use has become a growing problem in Winnipeg in recent years.

He noted that over the past four to six years, WFPS has seen a steady increase in opioid-related calls.

“I hate to say it – I don’t really see them peaking,” he said.

“We’ve seen a very consistent increase over the last four, five or six years, but last year or so it just seems to be going higher and higher. “

As to whether the COVID-19 pandemic has affected drug use in Winnipeg, Guest said it’s undeniable that it has caused an increase.

“Our drug addiction appeals are increasing dramatically,” he said.

“I think the added pressure and stress that this puts on our society just pushes people to use more drugs, and that’s what we’re really seeing over the last year to maybe two years. “

– With files from CTV’s Mason DePatie.

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