Agent Vance’s daughter was kidnapped in ‘first steps’

The latest episode of NCIS showed Torres dealing with the team’s new agent – director Vance’s daughter, Kayla – and it didn’t go well.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for NCIS Season 19, Episode 14, “First Steps,” which airs March 7 on CBS.

NCIS has been no stranger to new agents. Sloane stayed overseas, Bishop became a spy, and Gibbs stayed in Alaska — and that’s not even mentioning a possible Torres exit. To replace the missing actors, the series introduced hostage negotiator Agent Knight and former FBI agent Parker. Amid rumors of a Tony DiNozzo return, this week’s episode opted to introduce a new agent instead. However, this new agent already had a personal connection to the team.

The agent was none other than Kayla Vance, Director Vance’s daughter. She had just graduated from FLETC with flying colors and was eager to get into the field. Vance, on the other hand, didn’t like her becoming an agent, but he couldn’t do much to stop it. Even still, he tried to ease Kayla into her first day with a safe.

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NCIS Torres and Vance

After Torres’ first fights a few episodes ago, he settled in as the resident “dad”. He took care of Jimmy’s daughter last week, and in “First Steps,” director Vance asked him to watch out for Kayla. Seeking to make things easier for both of them, he assigned the team to a simple case where a doctor had a heart attack during surgery. Except it didn’t end up being a heart attack because Jimmy found out the doctor was poisoned.

After inspecting the crime scene, they investigated threatening messages on the doctor’s phone. Unfortunately, this lead led nowhere, but along the way, Kayla disobeyed an order. An overcautious Torres had told her to stay in the car and wait, but she snuck inside. So, as punishment, Vance “grounded” his daughter to work as a forensic scientist in Kasie’s lab. There, Kayla proved herself and was able to determine how the killer eliminated the doctor.

Due to strange circumstances surrounding the surgery, the team figured out that the doctor’s patient had poisoned the doctor before sinking. So they went to interview the man at the hospital, and Torres even convinced Vance to let Kayla go with them. But it was a mistake. Someone killed their suspect just as they arrived, and that same someone kidnapped Kayla.

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NCIS McGee, Kayla and Parker

While Kayla was away, the team did some sophisticated investigative work and figured out it was all part of an elaborate plan to break a cartel boss out of jail. So when the people who kidnapped Kayla contacted NCIS and requested a prisoner exchange, NCIS was ready. Kasie figured out where they were holding Kayla and the team entered. They took out all but one villain, who grabbed Kayla and considered her options.

In that moment, Kayla proved her worth as an agent. She had made a report to the man before anyone arrived, so she was able to talk to him. In doing so, she saved herself and the man’s life. Because of this, Vance saw what she could become and accepted her as an agent. Then he assigned Kayla to another field office so she could work without him looking over her shoulder. Unfortunately, that means Kayla probably won’t be a regular on the show, but there’s always hope for an appearance here and there.

To see what the team does next, watch NCIS Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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