“Alexa, Play Vacation Mode”—Amazon and LG Collaborate on Hotel TV Experience

Leveraging their respective strengths in the hospitality market, LG Electronics and Amazon have co-developed Amazon’s first popular Alexa AI integration with LG hotel TVs using the powerful platform. webOS smart TV, the companies announced at HITEC 2022, the world’s largest hospitality technology trade show. To display.

“We believe the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa has the potential to help and delight customers in many scenarios, inside and outside the home,” said Liron Torres. , Head of Alexa Smart Properties, Amazon. “We’re excited to extend the Alexa Home experience customers already love through technologies that work together, seamlessly.”

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Starting this year, hoteliers will be able to upgrade new and existing LG Hotel TVs running webOS 6.0 or 5.0 to provide guests with access to a personalized Alexa solution through LG’s Far-Field Microphone Array Accessory. LG. The new microphone solution allows hotel operators to offer a natural language interface for TV and music browsing while allowing guests to connect to specific hospitality functions such as ordering room service, displaying a personalized weather report or integrating with in-room devices for smart lighting, motorized shades and climate controls, according to Richard Lewis, vice president of technology and research, LG Business Solutions USA .

Amazon and LG Collaborate on Revolutionary

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“As leaders in our respective disciplines, LG and Amazon have combined their strengths and experience to offer hotel operators a premium media and voice-enabled TV solution that matches or exceeds the capabilities customers are accustomed to in their homes. “, Lewis said. “In addition to enhancing the in-room guest experience, this integrated TV solution simplifies facility-wide system design and maintenance by eliminating the need for separate voice-enabled devices in the room. of hotel. With fewer total devices requiring their own network connection, new installations can even save money compared to existing multi-component voice-activated solutions.

The new solution was developed with customer privacy and security in mind. Properties don’t have access to voice recordings, and the experience is anonymous, which means speaker identity information isn’t shared with Amazon. The far-field microphone array solution is also compatible with LG TV networks using Pro:Centric Direct software, through which the TV becomes a hub for controlling compatible wireless smart devices, without the need for a standalone control system .

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For properties, the solution gives staff another way to communicate important information to guests, while providing savings on device installations. Guests will get a premium, streamlined experience across all devices in their room, without sacrificing utility, Torres said. For example, hoteliers can develop personalized announcements that use both screen and audio communication for event announcements, departure reminders and more.

Amazon and LG Collaborate on Revolutionary

(Image credit: LG, Amazon)

The microphone array accessory is powered by a TV’s USB port and mounts on top of the set. Unlike other voice-activated solutions such as push-to-talk remotes, LG’s far-field microphone array is ready to respond to requests once activated by guests upon arrival at the venue. Alexa wake word help. A mute button offers a convenient way to disable voice control for those who prefer to use a standard remote.

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Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality solution is an industry leader in smart platforms for hotel rooms, personalizing the hospitality experience so guests can access services and amenities more easily and quickly, by just using their voice.

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