Among the dead: Motivational speaker called in to address company employees, his son

On Friday, motivational speaker Kailash Jyani (62) was invited to give a talk to staff at a business unit in Mundka. His son, Amit Jyani (37), accompanied him for the event. Later that evening, the father and son were killed in a fire in the building. Their bodies were among eight identified on Saturday.

“We were unaware of the fire. When our family members did not return, we tried to call them but the phones were off,” Kailash’s nephew Bhupender said.

He said when they contacted an acquaintance who had arranged the shoot, they were informed of the fire.

“My uncle and his son had disappeared. We tried to check with the police, but there wasn’t much information. We also checked in all the hospitals. We had a sleepless night and we looked for them again today morning. They had not returned home and were not on the injured list,” Bhupender added.

Relatives said Kailash’s body was identified by a gold chain and jewelry he was wearing. His son’s body lay next to him.

“Kailash had retired from a senior position in NAFED (National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India). After his retirement, he became interested in motivational speaking and used to give lectures and sessions on leadership and personal growth. He had gone to the United States for a John Maxwell workshop on related topics. On Friday he went to give a similar session to motivate younger staff in the business unit,” said Bhupender.

Relatives said he frequently uploads videos to his Facebook page, “Kailash Jyani Business Growth coach” and YouTube. In the latest videos uploaded earlier this week, he shared insights on “the power of intelligence and knowledge” and finding your niche in a competitive environment.

“His son, Amit, who is based in Australia, often accompanied him for the sessions. After the pandemic, he had come to India for a while,” Bhupender said.

On Saturday, survivors told The Indian Express that their employer arranged a motivational coaching session. Preeti, who suffered hand injuries, said, “Our company has done well in terms of production and sales and they have held a session to further motivate the staff.”

Kailash and his wife are residents of Gurgaon, relatives said. Amit is survived by his wife and one child.

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