Android TV 13 will upgrade picture-in-picture mode

Android TV powers many smart TVs, cable boxes and some of the best streaming devices, and a custom version called Google TV has appeared on some devices. Google has now shared more information about the next major update, Android TV 13.

Google already released a first beta version of Android TV 13 earlier this month, but it was unclear at the time what was really new. We now have a better idea of ​​what’s coming to Android on TVs, as part of the Google I/O event happening this week. Most of the changes are new APIs and features that developers can use when building apps, such as supporting more keyboard layouts and responding to HDMI input changes (e.g. Netflix on a Chromecast with Google TV could pause your show if you changed the TV input).

Just like with Android on phones and tablets, some apps can move their video content to a floating window in the corner of the screen when you come home or switch to another app. Picture-in-Picture mode has been available on Android TV for a while, but Android 13 update will introduce more options. Google said in an announcement: “Picture-in-picture on TV supports an extended mode to show more videos from a group call, a docked mode to avoid overlapping content on other apps and a clear API to prevent overlays from hiding important content in full-screen apps.

It’s not yet known when Android TV 13 will roll out to TVs and streaming devices, but Android TV update rollouts have always been slow, usually because they’re relatively minor (most features may be updated without operating system upgrades). Google released Android TV 12 back in november, but there are no TVs or streaming devices with the update yet. Even the company’s Chromecast with Google TV still runs Android TV 11.

The Android 13 beta is available for download on Google’s ADT-3 SDK.

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