Brooklyn literary agent accused of harassment is overnight American guest, says Nuance is missing

Brooklyn literary agent accused of harassment is overnight American guest, says Nuance is missing

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell’s Book
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SDNY COURTROOOM EXCLUSIVE, Jan. 10 — A Brooklyn-based literary agent was arrested Jan. 11 for cyberstalking.

At 7 p.m. that evening, she was told she would be a “guest of the government” overnight, until she could be fitted with a GPS location monitoring bracelet.

She slammed the table and was led into the holding cell by two US Marshals.

It came after a lengthy two-hour proceeding in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Trial Court, with this Inner City Press reporter the only person in the gallery of the room of hearing.

Magistrate Judge Barbara C. Moses twice called Pretrial Services out of the courtroom to discuss the case privately. The investigation services recommended that the literary agent, Weronika Janczuk, be kept in detention pending trial.

The assistant US attorney described Janczuk as harassing a victim online whom he left unnamed, as well as the victim’s family members and workplace, which he described as an investment company / law office.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office agreed to release $50,000 bail, but wanted home confinement as well as GPS tracking and monitoring of Janczuk’s internet usage and accounts.

It appeared that the pre-trial services will not monitor accounts, only devices, and only desktops and laptops. Judge Moses ordered that Janczuk reduce his four email accounts to one, then revised it to two accounts: one personal and one business.

Janczuk was deemed eligible for a state-funded federal defender. She listed her income as zero, but said she gets $6,000 a month from an inheritance.

The Federal Defender proposed that the $50,000 bail be secured by $5,000 in cash.

Judge Moses asked about the co-signers of the bond: parents? The Federal defender replied that there are two siblings, but one is not in contact and the other is abroad.

It was said that Janczuk had two passports. One from Poland, which is a mandatory consular notification state, and the other from Canada, for which notice of federal arrest of their citizens is optional. (Inner City Press also covers the SDNY criminal case against Canadian citizen Peter Nygard.)

Janczuk is pictured taking part in a United Nations event in 2016.

The AUSA described Janczuk as driving to New York from Minnesota at 107 miles per hour and then driving to Washington DC when the victims’ brother, who came from the UK, was there. Janczuk, speaking for herself, said there were more nuances to the narrative.

When it came time for Judge Moses’ decision, jail or bail, bail was agreed to, but with the GPS bracelet. It was too late to install it, so Judge Moses told Mrs. Janczuk, tonight you will be the government’s guest until the bracelet can be installed tomorrow. The federal advocate pushed back, citing COVID in prisons.

Judge Moïse asked: is she vaccinated? (Previously, she had asked Janczuk to lift his mask over his nose.)

Yes, the answer has come. But there might be a problem getting her back to the courthouse the next morning. The marshals said if prosecutors emailed them, it would be done. They started taking Janczuk away.

There was a loud bang when Janczuk hit the defense table. The marshals detained her and led her out. They asked the federal defender to come as well, but to make sure to leave his phone in the courtroom. The deputy returned to inform Judge Moses of what had happened.

Just two days prior, Janczuk tweeted photos from a Polish restaurant in Brooklyn. Other of his accounts have been deleted (for example, “ is no longer available. The authors have removed this site”) but an article, “Cyberbullying does not get you agents and publishers”, is still online. The allegation, however, resulted in this arrest and detention.

The case is US v. Janczuk, 21-mj-10885 (Moses).


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