Champagne shortage hit thanks to supply chain issues

As if Pandemic Season Two wasn’t tumultuous enough, we can’t even properly celebrate its finale thanks to the latest in our current supply chain crisis. The United States would face a champagne shortage, just in time for New Years Eve.

According to Wine lover, the market has seen a sharp increase in demand over the past 18 months, starting with an 18% drop in 2020 followed by a surge in champagne sales by the end of the year. Drizly COO Cathy Lewenberg says we can’t blame just one cause.

“It’s really due to some kind of perfect storm. The demand for champagne has increased by 20% this year, which is nothing short of amazing. general supply chain issues, ”Lewenberg told Thrillist.

While for Drizly in particular, the impact was mitigated by the ability to supply customers at liquor stores with champions still in stock, the company has also tapped into alternative resources, particularly in view of the biggest night of the year in the drinks category. , NYE.

“The other big thing that we focused on is finding alternatives so the sparkling category in general has increased across the board and people are turning to things like cava, prosecco and a lot of sparkling wines. Americans as alternatives to champagne, ”said Lewenberg, appointing La Marca, Chandon and Freixenet as replacements.

Megan Schaltegger is a writer for Thrillist.

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