“Cheer” Star Jerry Harris Would Like To Be A Motivational Speaker

“Cheer” star Jerry Harris – who is awaiting trial on child pornography charges – is unaware of the gravity of his situation, one of his co-stars said in a new episode of the show reality show.

Harris, 22, faces up to 30 years in prison, but has reportedly told acquaintances that he plans to become a motivational speaker, as if he doesn’t care about the world.

“He wrote me a letter and it was hard to read,” cheering coach Monica Aldama said on Season 2 of the Netflix show, which premieres Jan. 12.

“His letter was so optimistic. As if there was nothing negative in this letter. He said he hopes to one day be a motivational speaker.

Aldama – who was “taken aback” by the tone of the letter and did not respond – admitted to feeling torn by Harris, whom she loved “like my own child.”

“I want to lend my support,” Almada explained, “Yet I’m so disappointed… I have all these emotions fighting against each other.”

Monique Aldama.
Monica Aldama talks about the arrest of Jerry Harris in season 2 of “Cheer”.

Harris has pleaded not guilty to federal felony charges in Chicago for attempting to entice minors for sexual purposes and sharing sexually explicit photos with them. The charges include one count of producing child pornography and the fact that he allegedly admitted receiving X-rated photos of “at least 10 to 15 other people.”

Charges carry a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years in prison. His attorneys declined to comment on the Netflix show and did not return Page Six’s request for comment.

Additionally, two twins who were 13 when he was 19 also filed a million dollar lawsuit against him in Texas, claiming he had “treated” them for sex.

Some "Applaud" stars on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
Harris became a media celebrity after the first season of “Cheer”.
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

On the show, one of the boys, who identified himself as Charlie, alleges that Harris message him from a private Instagram account.

“He asked me how old I was,” Charlie said. “I told him I was 13 and after that he asked me right off the bat if I had butt pictures or ‘Can you send me butt pictures?'”

Charlie, who was a youthful cheerleader at the time, admits he sent them because “I was a little stunned and didn’t want him not to like me or to don’t be friends with me. “

He goes on to claim that the two eventually hooked up at a cheerleading event in 2019 where Harris coaxed him in a bathroom and repeatedly asked him to have sex or oral sex.

The other twin named Sam alleges that Jerry has started texting her as well.

“It made me feel great… just like uncomfortable… it started to become extremely difficult for me to pay attention at school,” he said. “I would feel these weird emotions that I had never felt before… like sadness or anger.”

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