Clubhouse finally gets a dark mode for late-night chat sessions

Voice chat app Clubhouse has announced that it’s bringing dark mode to its iPhone app for the first time, making it easier to avoid smashing your retinas when opening the app in a room. dark.

The new feature isn’t available yet, however, with Clubhouse stating that Dark Mode will begin rolling out to users from Thursday, April 14. That means you’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow – and maybe a bit beyond. Clubhouse Notes that it might “take us a few days to let everyone know”, which means you might just have to be a little patient.

The feature itself will give users the option to have dark mode follow their iPhone device settings or set it manually, whichever suits them.

It’s exactly what you’d expect: bright, but not too bright text on a dark, velvety background. This makes it easier for night owls to hang on to the Clubhouse until the wee hours of the morning (and might also save your battery life a bit).

You can enable it by going to settings and selecting “dark mode”. From there you have the option of “Always on dark mode” or “User device settings”, i.e. to match whatever your phone is doing at the time.

Clubhouse remains the best iPhone app at what it does despite competition from Twitter and Spotify. The addition of a dark mode is welcome, just hope the rollout doesn’t take too long!

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